Has anyone in the vicinity of the railway line and Alexandra Palace station experienced problems with subsidence?

Friends of the Alexandra Palace Station are concerned that the clearing of the railway banks that included tree cutting may lead to subsidence as the tree roots die off.  We have joined forces with 2 other railway user groups (also with stations located in cuttings) to lobby for speedy replanting of the railway banks (before the roots die out). To be succesful, we need to assemble any evidence that may help our case. Susidence would top the list. Also useful would be evidence of noise and light polution.

Many thanks

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  • Thank you for that Julia. Cnclr Dixon has submitted members' enquiry to the Council on my behalf and is awaiting their response. Our campaign representative will submit the enquiry at next week's meeting of the rail company and user groups for the stations affected by tree felling. I expect it to be a long drawn process. Unless supported by the local authority and/or media, we speak with a barely audible voice. If the railway company is willing to listen, this will be enough. Usually it isn't.

  • Not able to be of direct help, but I think the term for what you are worried about is ground heave, rather than subsidence. May be worth an FOI to the council  and the railway to find out how many claims have been received regarding ground heave near railways.

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