To add an Event to the Events page, you enter the details in a post, and a moderator will then add the basic details to the Events calendar, with a link to your post (note that the current version of the website software does not have its own Events page, so we have to adapt the default Blogpost):

NB Events are displayed in condensed format on the Home page (as well as more fully on the Events page), so it is advisable to make the start of your post concise and clear so that it can be easily read.

  1. On the Events page, click on the plus sign at top right, under the menubar (if you can’t see it, you are not signed in!). Don’t worry about the Events calendar displayed at the top of the page – that will not be affected!
    1. If you have a picture to include (if not, skip to item 2), it is probably necessary to have it quite small and placed to the left of the post, with your text to the right, if it is to display well on the Home page. To do this :
    2. In the row of little icons at the top of the post, click on the Image icon at second left (hover your mouse over the icons to identify it): the Edit Image dialog box will be displayed

                                                    i.     If the image is on your computer, click on Browse, and search for the file

                                                   ii.     Alternatively, if you want to link to an image on the internet, open another browser window and find the image; right-click on it; click on Copy Image Location; return to the first browser window and paste the address into the URL box (Ctrl+V)

  1. Still in the dialog box, in the line beginning ‘Layout’, click on Left to display the image on the left of the box
  2. In the Width box, type 187 to reduce the picture to this width (in pixels)
  3. Click on OK
  4. Enter the details of your event, with date, time and venue clearly set out at the start of the post – it will be displayed to the right of the picture, if you have one
  5. Click on the black Publish button at bottom left

-        that’s it!

The Events moderator will soon add the details of your event to the Events calendar  (if not, contact one of the other moderators or Admin).

To add an Event to the Events page - downloadable document here

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