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  • Hi all,

    some of you have asked what is happening with respect to the LTN:

    • the team is still analyzing the comments of commonplace engagement. Concillors have received an invite for a briefing after the elections, where officers will present the engagement results and detail the next steps. The summary will also be published the Haringey website. All this has to wait the post-election period because of the electoral rules.
    • The Q&A on the website will also be updated with the analysis and answers to some of the questions, if applicable
    • There was a mention of an air/traffic monitoring plan to be published, this is still in development , and will be published at the same time of the Commonplace summary 

     Please do get in touch if you have any further query.


  • I have a teams work account, but get a message that the video was removed. I missed the meeting earlier (didnt realise you had to pre-register!) and would really love to be able to watch the video - is there anyone in the council we could contact about this? 

    Thanks very much,

    • Dear Ben, I have checked and unfortunately this will not be possible. The meeting was not meant to be made available to the general public afterward. This was mentioned at the beginning but it looks like I have missed, apologies for this and confusion about it.  The slides and Q&A on the website though are represenative of what was said and asked, and do capture all the issues raised, so they give a very good account of what took place during the meeting,

      Kind Regards,


  • Update on this meeting - transcript of questions and answers from the Transport Planning Team:

    We were not able to respond to all the questions at the meeting and we have therefore prepared a written response to the unanswered questions which is attached.

    We now have closed the pre-engagement stage and we are analysing the feedback collected, which will be summarised in the report. Once completed we will publish the summary results on our website. This feedback will also be used to inform the Low Traffic Neighbourhood designs, which we will bring to the community later this spring.

    Please keep an eye for the future correspondence from us.

    We encourage you to get involved at all stages of the consultation and we look forward to hearing from you in the future.

  • Well that is an unbiased and objective report and consultation.

  • Unfortunately, I can't watch the recording without a work or school log-on to Microsoft Teams. Is it possible to make it available without logging in?

    For those who wre not able to attend here is the link to the presentation (https://www.haringey.gov.uk/sites/haringeygovuk/files/21-01-22_v3_b...) and to the video recording - hope it works! -  (.https://web.microsoftstream.com/video/36585910-e957-4d6f-b912-466aa... )
    Just a couple of points from me:
    • One of the concerns raised in the Q&A:was about the possibility that car journeys taking slightly longer will  increase pollution, but the assumption is that there will be a decrease in the number of journeys by car once residents will be able to cycle and walk more . Data from the effect of LTNs in Waltham Forest have been linked to in the presentation. For other effects mentioned - e.g.   'evaporation' of traffic and beneficial impact on health and mobility - links can be found here: https://londonlivingstreets.com/2019/07/11/evaporating-traffic-impa...). 
    • there is no intention to make all residents starting walking and cycling and stop using their car to  access the roads where they live, the objective is try to reduce car journeys that could alternatively be done on foot or on bike and enable those who can walk and cycle to do it easier and reduce traffic. 
    • similarly there is no intention to block energency access and Haringey is also consulting the emergency services and asking for their inputs, including on  routes that could be taken in and out and see if CCTV can be used to give access to emergency vehicles
    • there is no plan to include in the current proposal the area between Dunford Road and Alexandra Palace Station covered by this Forum, but the area is under consideration for other funding in the incoming financial year and it is directly impacted by the current traffic in the area considered by the BG LTN. Please take a moment to express yout view and engage with the Council, or get in touch with us Councillors and we will pass the comments to the officers.
    There is time to comment and provide initial inputs until the 7th of March  either via email at BoundsGreenLTN@haringey.gov.uk or on the website  https://boundsgreenltnmap.commonplace.is/  or by phone at 020 8489 3433.
    • Great to have a video recording but as Basil says, it's not possible to access it without a work or school login to Microsoft, or Microsoft Teams - error message says personal logins don't work. Is there any possibility of accessing it by some other means, Alessandra?  Many thanks.


    • Hi Annabel and Basil, I am sorry for the trouble, I have asked officers if there is public link, unfirtunately I don't know how else to make it work....

    • Thanks for checking, Alessandra - no worries.


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