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  • Yesterday I saw a sign about a Camden street with timed closures which sounds good for these areas.

    It is Burghley Road, NW5 . Notice says it is closed 8-9am and 3-4 pm. Can't find anything on the Camden site yet.

    • Yes, one possibility would be to have timed closures outside St. Martin of Porres school in Blake Road, Bounds Green. It's a good way of reducing road danger and air pollution around school gates at times when the children are arriving or leaving school. In the road you mention, the school is Acland Burghley.

      Haringey also has a few of these 'school streets', and is planning to introduce more – in the Design Workshop last week, St. Martin of Porres school was suggested as a possible site in one of the proposals. Motorists would not be able to drive into or out of the designated section of road at the specified times, apart from residents who live in that section, and emergency vehicles.

      School Streets | Haringey Council
      Many schools experience parking, traffic congestion, road safety and air quality issues immediately outside their school. Our School Streets programm…
  • Hi all,

    some of you have asked what is happening with respect to the LTN:

    • the team is still analyzing the comments of commonplace engagement. Concillors have received an invite for a briefing after the elections, where officers will present the engagement results and detail the next steps. The summary will also be published the Haringey website. All this has to wait the post-election period because of the electoral rules.
    • The Q&A on the website will also be updated with the analysis and answers to some of the questions, if applicable
    • There was a mention of an air/traffic monitoring plan to be published, this is still in development , and will be published at the same time of the Commonplace summary 

     Please do get in touch if you have any further query.


    • Dear all,

      the briefing I have mentioned in my post will take place today, and I will update you on that. In the meantime Haringey has annouced it will held two public design workshops on Monday the 17th of May and Tuesday the 18th of May, both from 6:00 to 7:45 pm. To register please follow the link below: 


      I am waiting to hear more on plans for a possible LTN in the area covered by this group, on the east of Dunford Road to Alexandra Station, but in the meatime it could be useful to attend the workshops and provide inputs on the design and on possible impact to the area.

      Please get in touch if you have any question or comment.



      Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in Haringey | Haringey Council
      About Low Traffic NeighbourhoodsFundingEngagement - Get Involved!Bowes LTN in Enfield and the Bounds Green LTN in HaringeyBroadwater Farm Estate and…
    • Thanks very much for this info., Alessandra. Looking at the Eventbrite details, it looks as if the workshops are from 6-7.45pm? I see they are being run by Sustrans - so hopefully should be professionally run.


    • Hi, well spotted, my mistake, the workshops are 18:00-19:45. I will amend the orginal post. Sorry about this

    • All,

      a few notes from the briefing we have received during the week where the Transport Planning team and Sunstrains presented the feedback from the Commonplace survey.

      Not surprisingly Air Quality, traffic congestion and traffic volumes were the main concerns reported with a lot of comments around Dunford Road and Wooldfield Way and Winton Avenue crossings. 
      To address these issues it looks like the area can be divided in three zones, A/B/South, with the A/B zones west and east of the Bowes Park station/railway line and South the area west of Dunsford Road. The meetings with Enfield continue so measures will be coordinated between the two Councils across the zones. From the feedback received and traffic flow it looks like for Areas B and South there could be different couple of options, these could include modal filters and or other solutions that could be 'mixed and matched' depending on the feedback.
      All options and pros and cons will be presented at the Design Workshops and residents will have a chance to comment, so is important that as many as possible will engage. 
      Please do let in touch if you have any question
    • Hi all,

      I hope you have been able to attend the two design workshops and take a look or comment on the two possible designs. It looks like in both cases they will prevent the turn from Bounds Green Road to Blake Rd and Winton Avenue, which potentially could also stop the through traffic from Bounds Green Road to Crescent Road. Here are the two possible solutions, as shown in the pictures.






      8958312060?profile=RESIZE_930xThere is still time to provide comments to the Transport Team on both design by emailing BoundsGreenLTN@Haringey.gov.uk The feedback will be used to develop public consultation designs for each LTN, which will be launched in early Summer 2021.

      I would also remind you about the Disabled People and Carers Survey, apologies if this may have already been mentioned, to help gathering requirements from those with disability and access needs. The survey can either be completed online (  https://www.haringey.gov.uk/parking-roads-and-travel/travel/transpo... ) or by paper form available at the Alexandra Park Library.

      It has also been confirmed by officers that following the Summer consultation on the Walking and Cycling Action Plan ( https://www.haringey.gov.uk/parking-roads-and-travel/travel/haringe...) work will start on designing and consulting end of this year – Spring 2022 for a LNT in Alexandra Park North, i.e. from Dunsford Road to the Palace Gate Triangle.


      These are great opportunities to shape the traffic flow and quality of life of our streets, please do take part, there are exciting times ahead for our ward…




    • All - please be aware that there is a typo in the email address provided in the post  to comment on the LTN proposal, It is BoundsGreenLTN@Haringey.gov.uk. Apologies for the confusion !!



    • Alessandra, thank you very much for keeping us up-to-speed with what is going on. And in particular for the clear maps of the Bounds Green scheme - I could not see them properly in Sustrans' presentation.


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