There is an announcement of shuttle buses filled with 2000 football supporters leaving from Alexandra Palace Station once a week or so during the season. There has been no consultation with residents, Alexandra Palace officials, and even our Haringey councillors knew nothing about it (I have contacted the Alexandra Ward Councillors and our MP). 

Here are some more details on this:
The crux of it appears to be that due to redevelopment of the four major interchange stations around White Hart Lane, they have devised alternative bus transport.  This suggests it is a temporary thing, but as we've seen before - given the success of a project it only gets bigger despite protests from negatively affected residents. If you have any issue with this, I urge you to join us in contacting your MP and councillors and raising the alarm.

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  • Why Tottenham Hale for VIPs? I assume because they are valued more than the rest of the gen public. 

    It suggests that theses nearer stations are under reconstruction which might account for the use of AP. Officials at the Palace have been taken by surprise like everyone else.

    The arrogance of suspending residents parking bays to accommodate buses in Bedford Road, without consultation and proposing to move cars from their rightfully paid for spaces if they remain on match days, is quite shocking. 

  • Thanks very much for this, Beverley - really useful to know! In principle it seems to me a good idea that arrangements are being made for shuttle bus services, and improved stations, rather than the current policy of suspending bus services and just leaving the crowds to spill out onto surrounding roads!  But as you say, they do seem to be planning on huge numbers coming over here to catch trains from Ally Pally.

    Looks like there are going to be two shuttle bus services - (1)  to Tottenham Hale, and (2) to Ally Pally. But on the LBH planning services site that you have given a link to, it says that the Tottenham Hale bus is only for those with access to hospitality, who have paid for seats at Box and Club levels?! 

    I can't see that this is temporary - ? It looks like a permanent scheme for spreading the crowds out between the various underground and overground stations - ?

    Here's a recent doc on the impact of events at the stadium for local people; shuttle buses are mentioned on p.19:

    Tottenham Hotspur - local guide

    What they said about not suspending buses in the other document is not borne out by this longer doc. A large part of Tottenham High Road will be closed before and after a match, so the ordinary spectator - as well as everyone else - will just have to walk to their chosen station (they have a 'walking map', which is extensive).

    W3 bus doesn't seem to be mentioned (in the past it's been diverted during home matches).

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