Train horns at night

Hello I wanted to ask if anyone knows if there is a reason why there are so many trains sounding their horns at around 3-4am and if there is any way to ask the drivers to stop this if it isn't strictly necessary. Has anyone else been affected by this it seems that there has been more recently? 

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  • Actually, the noise from Bounds Green Depot is apparently no longer responsibility of LNER but Hitachi Rail:

    This is the email address:

    Write to the CEO of Network Rail and LNER:,
    Dear David Horne (Andrew Haines)
    We are writing to you about some Network Rail issues in this area,  affecting residents in Alexandra Park.
    We live very close to Bounds Green train depot and Alexandra Palace train station and the various train lines.
    There is very often activity at night at the Bounds Green train depot and this results in screeching rails and quite often, horns blow loudly and repeatedly for no discernible reason.
    We would like to hear your proposals to ensure that night noise from the Depot ceases to disturb residents.
    There is quite a lot of noise from old screeching rails, for instance when trains go around the curve on their way to Hertford North.
    This goes on all day, every day, and often at night or early in the morning. 
    Network Rail and LNER in conjunction with the train operators needs to find a less noisy solution to this problem, and we look forward to your urgent proposals in this matter.
    • Thankyou this is really helpful- the screeching also has seemed to have become worse recently, especially as we need to leave windows open during hot weather so it's hard to shut the noise out, I don't remember it being this bad before 

  • I don't actually know, and I haven't been affected by it, but I would guess that if there is any overnight maintenance work going on on one of the lines, which is quite common I think, trains passing will be obliged to sound their horns for safety reasons. You could try asking Rail Track or Great Northern what's going on.

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