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Interested in Trees around you? The Tottenham Trees website has a link to Tree Trails around the borough including ones for Alexandra Park, Albert Rec,, Palace Gates Residents Association Area and many more. Look at on the website or download the TICL app onto your smart phone.

Tottenham Trees Website link here

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  • I am interested in the trees around me but am particularly worried about the diseased Horse Chestnuts in Alexandra Park. A whole swathe of them along Alexandra Park Way is completely devastated. Do you happen to know what the park authorities have in mind for them? If they have to come down there will be awful gaps in tree cover for many years.

    • Most of these trees will survive perfectly well, but they lose their leaves earlier in the year due to the Horse Chestnut leaf miner moth caterpillar.

      This might weaken the trees over the long term and make them more susceptible to a more serious disease - a canker that may kill the trees.

      If you walk down from the Rose Garden you can find 4 different species of Horsechestnut. "Our" Horsechestnut, a hybrid red horsechesnut, an Indian Horsechestnut and Yellow Buckeye. All apart from our horsechestnut are resistant to the leaf miner.

    • Thanks a lot for that, Stephen. I'll keep an eye out next time I walk through the park near the Rose Garden.

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