I have squirrels in an inaccesible roof space in a modern house (Sakura Drive) and have been quoted £800+ to trap them with no guarantees of getting rid of them.

Has anyone else had this problem and do you you have any advice or recommendations (e.g. tips or trades people)for squirrel managment?

Thank you


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  • We had this problem. They can do considerable damage. Our squirrels were using our roof space and eaves to nest. To do so they ripped off a lot of insulation from the water tank and piping. Apparently they can over a long time also damage pipes ,wiring and other things. Essentially you do have to have them destroyed and then stop them getting in. We had pest people in from Haringey Council. Long time ago and not this expensive but we also had to put wire mesh around the soffit boards where they were getting in. We tried non lethal traps but they didn’t work so Council used lethal ones which can only be used by a liscensed operative. It worked with the wire mesh installed as well. 

    • Thanks Jon - very helpful

      Unfortunately the Council can't help me but my first step is getting a builder to check out points of entry

      Hope you are Tufty free now!


  • Ooff! That doesn't sound like a good deal.

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