An update , the atmosphere stayed positive and uplifting. The sun was out over the bank holiday weekend 

I rejoined the action after the Easter weekend 

I was at the last few hours of the Marble Arch blockade, the samba band were entirely supportive as each of the blockades fell to multiple police arrests, and the roads were opened on wednesday.

One of the poignant consequences of the road blockades was that birdsong was heard for the first time in years at Marble Arch, but by thursday the traffice roared around Marble Arch and the previous quiet was shattered by business as usual. 

Action continued on the thursday with a focus on the financial district as an investor in fossil fuels.

' Swarming ' which is holding the roads closed for a few minutes at a time , was tiring but mainly positive, with intial impatience from drivers turned to quiet waiting until they could move on. Much information about the aims of the climate change action was given to interested drivers and passersby. 

The Marble Arch camp packed up on the Thursday evening and a closing ceremony was attended, which was quiet and sombre.

Overall over 1000 arrests were made, my experience was that the Met Police were polite and respectful, and a little puzzled about why protestors were willing to put themselves forward for arrest.

One of our friends was arrested on Waterloo Bridge and held at Heathrow police station for 19 hours, again she said that the police were kindly but it was a long and  tedious experience as nothing except pen and paper, and a book if you have one, is allowed in cell with you.

The climate change  and biodiversity crisis is now in the public domain in a way hitherto unknown. There has been a massive sign up to the cause and money raised. Action will continue.

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