Water mains renewal works

Now that work has started on the renewal of the water mains in Harcourt Road and Princes Avenue I thought I would try to find out if/when other roads might be affected. The ever useful website shows the current information gleaned from Thames Water and the council. It seemed a pity not to share it, but apologies if everyone already knows! Most of the roads have “give and take” traffic controls but some look like they will have traffic lights  

Princes Ave 7 Jan - 1 Feb

Harcourt Road 7 Jan - 1 Feb

Outram Road  25 Mar - 26 Apr

Clyde Road 25 Feb - 22 Mar

Victoria Road (bottom end) 4 Feb - 27 Feb (Traffic lights)

Albert Road  4 Mar - 19 Apr (Traffic lights)

Clifton Road 4 Feb - 1 Mar

Should be fun! 

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  • Thanks very much for this, Tim. I hadn't heard of - sounds very useful!

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