• During  a previous meeting of SAPL, it was suggested that I be interviewed about the area as I had a lot of local knowledge. This never happened, but I have written some notes and have some photos. 

    I also volunteer for the Royal Gunpowder Mills in Waltham Abbey, but not much is happening there now and the season is coming to a close. I am therefore  more free to give a small talk if required. 

    • That would be brilliant, Brian.  Thanks very much for getting in touch. Perhaps there are two possibilities here - (1) a talk for a SAPL meeting and (2) an interview, with the article appearing on this website (and/or elsewhere, if appropriate?).  I'm sorry if nothing further happened about this - I wonder if I remember you from the Launch of the website last March, or am I confusing you with somebody else?  I will investigate possibilities.

      Best wishes


    • I could do either, Annabel.

      I was at the launch meeting.


    • Just thinking about this,

      I have lots of photos going back many years which would make an article very large if published, and it doesn't allow for questions.

      Shall I bring my PA system and give a talk at a SAPL meeting?

    • I gather that Tessa Thomas (who first talked at the Launch about the possilibity of an interview) has been in contact with you about this - we have been discussing lots of possibilities, and she will discuss them further with you. She is a journalist with interviewing skills!  I have not heard anything from SAPL (who are separate from Alexandra Park Neighbours) - will try contacting some other SAPL members.

      bw Annabel

    • Yes, she has been in touch. I have been out most of the day at the Royal Gunpowder Mills. Brought some leaflets back for the library.

This reply was deleted.


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