Hi all.

]We are looking for someone to paint the woodwork and window trim on the front of our house. The work will require some repairs to sills and woodwork here and there. Looking for someone who has good attention to detail. Any recommendations? 

Many thanks!


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  • Hi Nancy, Susie - many thanks for the recommendations. 

  • PS I have relied on Haki for numerous jobs. If you let him know the details, he will be ure to satisfy.

  • Hey Steve, I highly recommend my painter decorator Haki 07814058628. He's looking for more work now. Conscientious worker and he'll give you a great rate, and he's a fantastic guy. Pls give him a ring. Yours, Susie

  • Steve, I have recommended Viktor Tizak before, and use him regularly.  Excellent work.  He gets busy but here is his email; worth a try!

    Nancy Rossi

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