Local wood offered, and tree-chopping

Woodburning stoves are becoming increasingly popular but many people are paying a lot of money to buy wood.  Equally people who get trees chopped down are paying others to take the wood away!  The Wood Fuel Group – part of Muswell Hill Sustainability Group - thought it would be a good idea to match both sets of people.  They chop wood from local felled trees (with permission of course) and sell it to local homes.  The money raised goes to expenses and MHSG funds. If you would like to buy wood, have a tree that you would like felled or chopped up, get some advice about woodfuel, or simply like to get involved, please contact info@mhsgroup.org, putting ‘Wood Fuel Group’ as the subject. The principal organiser of the group – Stewart McIlroy – is an Alexandra Park resident. Stewart chopped down our dead cherry tree recently, and we will be able to burn the logs in our stove next year.

Note that the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive may make it worthwhile to invest in a woodburner using ‘biomass’ energy.

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