Wood Green High Road dangers

If you haven't commented on the Wood Green redevelopment consultation time is fast running out...

The issue of safety - or lack of it - is paramount to more vulnerable road users but not well covered. 

I would encourage any walkers, cyclists or wheelchair users - particularly the slower and more vulnerable - to comment on the way that on the High Road, visual space and traffic speed have been prioritised over pedestrian/cyclist accessibility and safety - and the consequent need therefore to tame the traffic.

Having seen the aftermath of two bad accidents, witnessed two very close calls for pedestrians and having had to take evasive action innumerable times as motorists treat the more open road as a race track, I strongly feel the new open design of the High Road needs a rethink - with traffic calming measures as a minimum - and the radical replanning measures proposed in the consultation provide an opportunity for that.

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  • The deadline for responses has (wisely) been extended to the 28 April - so time's not running out quite so fast.

    I agree that the redesign of the High Road was very poor. For cycling it was tantamount to a deliberate designing-out: You are either stuck behind a bus breathing diesel fumes or stuck in front of them acting like a moving speed hump. Hardly the sort of conditions in which most people would feel comfortable cycling. Enfield are currently building separated cycle tracks all the way down Green Lanes to the Haringey border, Hackney are apparently considering the same for their bit of the same road. Haringey residents absolutely must have the same opportunities to access safe, non-polluting, active travel.

    On a similar subject you might want to read Haringey Cycling Campaign's thoughts on the AAP:

    I also spotted this blog earlier which is very good on the unwillingness of Haringey Council reduce motor vehicle traffic:

    Wood Green Area Action Plan - respond by 31 March
    Haringey Cycling Campaign have met with Haringey Council and provided a detailed response to the Wood Green Area Action Plan consultation, based on d…
    • Yes that's a welcome deadline delay so thanks for pointing it out Grant (I then saw Susie had already mentioned it but had missed that) and particularly for the frederickguy link - a useful perspective that I'll follow up. The Council certainly seem to have conflicted principles...

  • An afterthought: it may be worth mentioning to the council planning dept that the prioritising of traffic flow over pedestrian/cyclist safety conflicts with its own policies on increasing travel by bike and foot.

    Also, the new dwellings on the junction of Alexandra Park Rd and Palace Gates Rd have minimal parking space, particularly given the number of people they are designed to house, so those new residents will presumably be more dependent on travel other than by car...

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