• Hi all, I see from the posts that residents have already seen the notice about the ongoing consultation on Woodridings Court. This is an initial consultation and if the project goes ahead there will also be a chance to comment as part of the planning application process. The website on Commonplace also includes the recording of the presentations although I am not clear if attended only by Woodridings residents. We ward Councillors have already raised issues around the increased traffic, noise and air pollution in Crescent Road and nearby area, and we welcome any further comment that we can then share with officers. 


    A tickbox exercise 'consultation' is on Commonplace right now. 

    The proposed 4 new buildings are too high, out of character for the area, without light as directly behind Woodridings Court buildings. It will make current residents of Woodridings Court more unsafe,as they will have to put up with increased noise (such as music, shouting  etc) from 33 new flats, and lack of privacy.

    The corridor beetween the proposed new buildings is narrow, dark and unsafe - open to muggings and worse if somebody wants to walk or use a wheelchair along there.

    The place for the proposed bins is very far away (at the end of a long, narrow corridor) from a lot of the proposed new flats and therefore will not be used or insufficiently used, with rubbish being thrown (out of windows as only 1 entrance) on to the railway line or deposited in Dagmar Road or Crescent Road/Rise instead.

    Refuse vans/lorries will have trouble accessing and turning around in the proposed space. They would block Crescent Rise when entering and exiting the narrow access road as it would require a steep turn.

    Access of emergency vehicles such as fire engines and ambulances would be further blocked in Crescent Road/Crescent Rise and Albert Road - there is clear photo evidence of current daily obstructions in these roads due to excessive car parking which narrows both sides of the road and through traffic of cars and vans.

    It is not clear how access to the new buildings would be created from Dagmar Road.But if would have an adverse impact in terms of further obstruction, pollution and traffic noise.

    Crescent Road and Rise are rat runs with car parking on both sides and massive through-traffic volume of cars - well over 400 per hour in the twice daily rush hour. A new high-rise blocks would massively increase car and van traffic and air pollution. It would create further logjams, especially at the junction of Albert Road/Crescent Rd/Rise. Removal vans, refuse collection vans, Amazon vans, furniture delivery vans etc. would increase massively.

    There has also been unacceptible high screeching noise from the railway tracks on the Hertford North Line and that problem is ongoing. The Railway company is trying to lubricate the line with 'environmentally friendly' grease lubrication but this is environmentally unsafe as such 'total loss lubrication' will cause gallons of oil to contaminate the ground water and soil, and it cannot replace a good design that does not cause excessive noise and vibration.

    The new occupants would live intolerably close to this noise. Which means that they would be suffering noise and environmental pollution both both sides of the building.

    There would be no safe or sufficient space for children to play.The landscape area is not big enough for the proposal of these 33 extra units.

    Residents of Dagmar and Crescent Road would be completely locked in on both sides by 30 new flats in Crescent Mews and 33 new flats in Woodridings Court. The increase of noise, air pollution, car/van/lorry traffic volume and obstruction would be utterly intolerable. The proposal is not compatible with sustainable living as required in a climate and ecological emergency.

    Haringey Planning has a habit of pointing to opaque 'offsetting' schemes for the resulting increase in pollution such a scheme would create. They did this when they approved the 30 new flats in Crescent Mews. But when we tried to find out details of their offsetting scheme they could not give us any details of how and where this is supposed to work. Offsetting has been proved to be a nonsense/scam that does not work to lower emissions anywhere. It will not do anything to lower local emissions and air pollution.



    Help shape the future of Woodridings Court
    Share your views on the proposals for a new housing development behind the existing Woodridings Court.
    • Dear all - there's been a Councillors briefing during the week aout the Woodridings Court development and I thought about sharing my notes. Please get in touch if there are questions, expecially if you are a current resident of Woodriding Court.

      • The design is almost finalised, with 33 flats planned at the back in blocks of 3 storeys at corner with Dagmar Road and 4 storeys everywhere else.
      • New properties will be 100% social rent
      • There will be communal garden space between each building with new landscaping at the front
      • Lift will provide access to both new and existing properties
      • The construction will use modules delivered and installed on site within two weeks from their arrival
      • The team is putting together the data-pack for the application which will include parking/traffic survey and a logistic plan for the delivery of the modules. These will be available during the consultation
      • The development should go to Planning Committee October-November
    • Nice to see that our comments have been taken into account....not!

  • The construction will require a large demolition job to clear the site. there are currently three levels of disused garages and what was formerly a playground. These facilities were so badly neglected that they have been unusable for thirty years. The demolition of such a large volume of reinforced concrete will inevitably cause an enormous amount of dust pollution which will affect not only the residents of Woodridings, but also those of Dagmar Rd and the houses on Crescent Rd that back onto Dagmar.

    I have "very severe COPD", as my Consultants describe it, so the dust problem presents an existential threat to people, like me, with this sort of health problem in the area. The construction of such a dense build on a site with no space to manoeuvre will bring chaos to the wider area. This area is already suffering from tortuous traffic congestion, without the added burden of delivery of materials to the site, never mind the workforce that will have to arrive and depart every day.

    The proposed flats that are to be built will be so close to the railway lines that I can't see how life can be anything other than depressing. My neighbours on that side of the building are already complaining about noise and vibration, that's with an extra 15 metre spacing from the railway.

    The only way to get an accurate idea of the flaws in this plan is to take a trip down to the site and inspect the available space.

    The real answer to the desperate Housing shortage in this area is not to shoehorn a couple of dozen flats into totally unsatisfactory sites like this. It requires really radical planning at national level.

    • Steve, many thanks for the additional detail, and very sorry for slow response - I've been away, and clearly this scheme needs to be examined closely. Here are some initial thoughts - some just repeating what others have said already! It certainly seems like another case of new developments being shoe-horned into small spaces in areas of social housing and ex-social housing (as Ado also points out). The Council has to provide a certain quota of social housing, but why not, for example, include some in the plans for Crescent Mews, and spread it out rather than jam the new flats right up against existing ones in Woodridings Court, and towering over them?

      It will certainly not be a place to live in if you have COPD while the intended works take place - I see that the group 'Haringey Defend Council Housing' is particularly concerned about the lack of attention in the plans to this issue (they also relate this project to others that have been proposed or carried out in Haringey): (they also have a Facebook page).

      They also say that the rents will not be at current social housing levels, but half as much again - I don't know where they found this information? How can the Council claim it's social housing if the rents are so high?

      On the plans, I'm trying to remember how the existing 55 flats are laid out - I think most of the flats are just on one side of the corridor, apart from those parallel with Dagmar road? Are there currently windows along the corridor? The corridor is long and narrow, and having the entrances to 33 new flats sharing a long corridor with the existing residents would make for an awful lot of foot traffic. There doesn't seem to be any indication of the width of the new corridor.

      I do remember that the existing flats have a LOT of noise from the railway, let alone if the building was extended even closer to it - as you say.

      Very glad to see that the consultation hasn't ended yet (apart maybe from previous engagement with the existing residents) - must look at the recording of the latter.

      It would be good if many other people living in the area responded to this proposal. In particular, it will affect many more local residents because the dire traffic problems in Crescent Road have not been addressed by the Council, after 20 years or so of complaints, and these would be made so much worse with this proposed development (as Ade points out).





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    • I agree with this. Everyone who lives there - the current residents and the new people - will basically be housed in a container unit. This is not a new issue - apparently similar inappropriate developments are taking place across London, with many current residents (including disabled adults and kids) ending up with no natural daylight in their homes. But because they are council tenants they have no rights/voice.



    • Thanks for your support.


    • I do wonder if the current residents should consider some kind of protest, covered by the local press? A day of (lawful) action...? Plus, it may be worth taking legal advice. If you need a moan, you know where to find me!

  • I had a letter in the post asking for views on an anonymous basis. I filled it in and raised a number of queries, as I have a number of concerns, in particular for anyone currently living in Woodridings Court. More generally, it's pretty dreadful, in my view, and I do wonder if there will be other intrusive projects of this kind in the pipeline for this area. We may not want to end up like Tottenham Hale, which has quite a few skyscrapers and other ugly developments. Thin edge of the wedge? If anyone feels the same way, do get in touch.

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