The Safety of your Personal Data on Alexandra Park Neighbours

AP Neighbours has no targeted advertising.  Nor do our administrators ever pass on our members’ personal data to third parties! 

What personal information do we hold for our members? When you sign up, we require you to provide a verified email address, which is only visible to our four administrators. We only use it to send out fortnightly newsletters (mostly digests of recent posts on the site), and very occasionally for reminders of local events of general interest, such as fetes. We also sometimes email individuals who are not using the site appropriately – in particular, those who seek to promote their own businesses inappropriately.

As well as your email address, you are asked for the optional information of the name of your street and your age group. This information is stored in your Profile, which is only visible to members of the site unless you change the setting yourself. You can edit your profile at any time:

  • Click on My Page on the menubar
  • then on Options at top right, and Edit Profile

We do like to be able to aggregate the profile information to find out what proportion of our members come from different local areas, and similarly the proportion from different age-groups. We do not use it for any other purpose. Signing up to Alexandra Park Neighbours constitutes your consent to our storage and use of your data in this way.

Who are our members? All new members have to be approved by an administrator, and we check that they are at least familiar with the locality by asking them a local knowledge question when they sign up.

Note that the contents of all posts on the site (apart from those on some of the Local Groups) are visible to anyone on the internet, so do think twice before including your phone number, email or postal address in a post! You can instead put this information in a personal message to another member:

  • Click on the little icon of a mailbox at top right of the webpage
  • then on Compose

Any personal photo which you provide will also be visible in posts.

Like most online services, APN uses cookies, which are described and listed here. If you have any questions about privacy or security on the site, please contact an administrator by personal message or email.

Last updated April 2018