Hope some folk can look at the latest crowdfunder to pay for a judicial review of the upcoming decision by Haringey Cabinet to go ahead with their highly risky, indeed reckless and unconsulted, Haringey Development Vehicle. This is now due for agreement by this inner corps of the Council on 3 July --- without ever bothering to go to full Council, never mind actually ask local taxpayers what we think of selling off our public authority land, estates and business premises to a so-called 50/50 limited company with Lendlease, and all valued at £2 billion. Once it's gone it's gone.

The campaign to stop this biggest ever privatisation by a local authority is backed by local Labour parties, LibDems and Greens and many local people and organisations, and trades unions [Lendlease has a record of blacklisting]. We have barristers waiting to make the case for stopping and re-considering in the high court, and we have raised over half of what we may need to date, but a further push for contributions is vital now.

With all due thanks to those who have contributed so far, I would appreciate help in reaching the £4,000 sum before 15 June on the following site, and it would also be excdellent if anyone who can forwards the address to others who may be willing to help ---

And on 3 July there will be march and demonstration from Ducketts Common to teh Civic Centre, from 5:30 pm.

We shall not go quietly.

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  • I see that the Stop HDV crowdfund to pay for a judicial review of Haringey Council's decision to go ahead with the HDV has more than reached the 10k needed - it is now £11,747.

  • An update from Gordon Peters:

    You'll be pleased to hear that we have today passed the initial target of £4,000 that we set for the legal expenses of our campaign to stop the Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV).  Thanks to you and over 100 other generous contributors we have to date raised nearly £5,000!  Whether you were able to give a little or a lot, it is really much appreciated.

    We'd like to give you an update on where things are at currently.  Our initial request for Legal Aid was turned down and our solicitors, Leigh Day, are appealing against this and there is a small chance we will still get the Legal Aid. In the meantime however, our lawyers are preparing to instruct barristers to take court action through the Judicial Review process just as soon as Haringey's Cabinet decide to go ahead with the HDV. Their decision is scheduled for July 3rd.  However, to be sure that we have the funds (in case we don't get Legal Aid) we now have an adjusted target of £20,000 which we need by that date to be sure that court action can be initiated and the argument for a halt to the HDV can be put before a judge.  Our previous appeals have raised almost £13,000 – we just have another £7,000 to find!

    Haringey's ‘Overview and Scrutiny Committee' is meeting again this week and will receive a report from the Housing and Regeneration Panel which strongly recommends a halt and further scrutiny of the HDV proposals. Yet despite opposition from the political parties, including her own, and the widespread community campaign against it, the Haringey Leader Claire Kober and her Head of Regeneration, Councillor Strickland are ready to go ahead with their highly contentious plan.  This means the sale to a new private company of Council-owned land and property at a one-off valuation.  The impact will be felt by all residents, both those living on the affected Council estates and potentially all ratepayers.  This undemocratic plan with the costs as yet undetermined; that has not been fully consulted on; that has not been voted on by the full Council;  and with the future financial risks to the public purse unknown - MUST BE STOPPED!

    The ever-growing StopHDV campaign is VERY appreciative of all your contributions to date but is now asking for a last big push in donations in the few weeks ahead so that we can instruct our lawyers who are still confident we have a strong and winnable case.

    Please, if you can contribute once more it would be great!  However, the next best thing you can do is to share this appeal with your family, friends, colleagues and any supportive organisations you know of.  Also, 35% of pledges to Crowd Justice come from FaceBook, so please be sure to ask your FaceBook friends to post it on their Facebook page.  If you're short of time you could just copy and paste this: 

                       “I've just donated £35 to back the STOPHDV campaign!                               If Haringey Council get away with their totally undemocratic plan,                other councils up and down the country will follow suit.  You can join me – pledge your support here:”

  • <>; the full link!


    Thank you for posting, Gordon. Perhaps this link will work.

    STOP HDV - Haringey Development Vehicle
    I'm a retired Social Services Director and currently chair Haringey Older Peoples Reference Group. I'm appalled that Haringey plans to sell off it…
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