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Susie Holden replied to Annabel Gregory's forum post Fresh food deliveries
"This could be a good option and the choice of boxes is wide.
Susie Holden replied to Tessa Thomas's forum post NHS thank you
"In Outram Road we've been applauding at 7pm every night since Saturday 22nd, changing to 8pm on 26 March. It lifts the spirits bashing saucepans loudly and it's so good to catch a glimpse of our neighbours."
Susie Holden replied to Annabel Gregory's forum post Sunshine Garden Centre
"I wondered when this would happen. Really sad and I hope they can find a way to weather this horrible storm. We need all our local businesses and it must be truly awful to close at the very beginning of the gardening season."
Mar 23
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Mar 21
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Alexandra Ward COVID-19 Mutual Aid Volunteers
This group is co-ordinating voluntary support efforts in the local area. Over the past week it has done a huge amount to channel effectively the many offers of help from local residents. Particular tha…
Mar 20
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From facebook - a local business offering help to 10 vulnerable residents:
Hi Palmers Green and Ally Pally... We would like to help feed 10 vulnerable people throughout this pandemic. We want to ensure our local community has supported access to n…
Mar 14
Susie Holden replied to Admin's forum post Covid 19 - helping vulnerable neighbours
"My street has a WhatsApp group set up a couple of years ago when we were planning a street party. We're using this to keep in touch and check up on elderly and disabled neighbours."
Mar 14
Susie Holden replied to Admin's forum post Creativity Pavilion opens at Alexandra Palace
"This is what the space looked like BEFORE."
Mar 8
Susie Holden replied to Stephen Middleton's forum post John Baird re-opened as The Village Green
"I'm so glad it's still a pub - was a bit worried when it first closed. I see there's a bit of debate about the new name, with some upset to lose the historic name the John Baird. Others share a sense of relief that it is still a nice neighbourhood p…"
Feb 29
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Feb 26
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"Thank you Cathy for the recommendation. Here is a picture of my swift box which was installed yesterday, along with quite a few more in Alexandra Park and beyond. Apparently it will take at least a year for swifts to spot a new nesting box, and we h…"
Feb 23
Susie Holden replied to Annabel Gregory's forum post Haringey Young Musicians in Ally Pally Theatre
"I'm so glad to hear the concert was packed out - it sounds fantastic."
Feb 22
Susie Holden replied to Hugh from Harringayonline's forum post Alexandra Park Swimming Baths
"Thanks so much for this Hugh, it's fascinating. I had no idea about the pool near Wood Green station."
Feb 16
Susie Holden replied to Admin's forum post Council building on Station Road to be turned into micro-flats - article from the Guardian
"Earlier this week, I heard the leader of Haringey Council Joseph Ejiofor being interviewed about this block on Radio 4. He confirmed that the council's planning department had infact refused permission for this development to go ahead. This is very…"
Feb 16
Susie Holden replied to Admin's forum post Cut down on plastic! Refills offered at Crescent Supermarket, Crescent Road
"I heard about this shop some time ago but I didn't know it had successfully found new premises. Thank you for the update Alex.
Feb 9