Please take a look at the application to develop part of the old Gee and Garnham site on Crescent Mews into flats, applying to squeeze 14 flats into one building. The average size of the flats are below the recommended minimum size. The site had been partitioned into 4 sections this is just the first stage.

For anyone living on or near Crescent Road/Alexandra Park Road junction the increase in traffic to access the site will be another concern. The proposal is for a car free development but the deliveries/access associated with 14 new flats will add to congestion in the area.

Please take a look at the proposal on the with the ref HGY/2017/1961 and comment before 26.7.17

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  • Birgitte,

    Just to let you know that I have been meeting with the Enforcement Team and Veolia Rep to explore options to alleviate the rubbish dumping/bin provision on Crescent Road.They are happy to consider providing more bins but are still want to finish communicating with residents and putting up more signs to see if this has any positive impact.


  • Hi Brigitte,

    Here is a copy of my objection which I posted on the council's planning portal last week. I will continue to follow this case up with the relevant officers.




  • I've added an updated link to the planning application - as the one above takes you somewhere a bit strange.

    Crescent Mews Planning Application

    Online Planning Applications: Haringey Council
    • Thanks Nick - that's really helpful. I'll try to lodge my objection tonight.

      Online Planning Applications: Haringey Council
  • Thanks for taking a look. The proposed flats are on the document JW864 - 104 proposed plans REV D.PDF -.They are not exactly to scal...

    The date for comments has oddly changed today to 11.8.17. There are bigger plans for the site which have been discussed within the council for 42 residential dwellings and commercial floorspace too.

    If you visit the site and look at the current offices you will get ...

  • I've just properly noticed that the deadline for comments is next Wednesday, July 26th. Shame its so soon. I've looked at the plans but what I can't work out what the average size, in square meters of each dwelling is. Perhaps I've overlooked a key document?

    • Hi Susie and Birgitte,

      I've put in an objection to the plan - due to the fact that each of the 'flats' are around 20 sqm - which is literally a bedsit - one of those places where you can cook from your bed. It's really not an appropriate use of the space and won't deliver good quality housing stock.

      You can comment on the application until 11th August, so I would recommend putting in an objection to the plans for the area.

    • Ah, thanks for this, Nicholas - I am so glad that comments can still be made until 11th August - I forgot to do so last week.

    • I'm in favour of building good quality new homes on brownfield sites. But 14 flats of only 20 sqm per dwelling is really worrying.

    • I agree; also lack of adequate bins space - I think only 3 bins for the whole block. Looking at the plans, it's simply a long corridor and lots of doors.

      The plans are also very basic, doesn't give much information on anything really.
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