Garden drainage expert needed

This is what happened after the heavy rains over Easter. Almost our entire garden under water. It’s often got waterlogged but this was far worse than usual. It also doesn’t help that the soil in our garden is pretty poor and composed largely of clay.

If anyone can recommend garden drainage experts, I’d be very grateful. 

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  • Just carefully pushing a garden fork in as far as possible at intervals may help if there is a compacted surface layer of clay.  It depends on how deep that is.

    • I'll do that. I'm hoping in the end to not have to undertake works that are too invasive and messy.


  • Hope it drained away or evaporated. Contractors may want your whole garden dug up.

    Or you can aerate it with a fork and dig in more organic material your self?.

    • I spoke to Dennis at Sunshine Garden Centre and he said that Alfie Bines gardeners might be able to help. So I'll explore that option AND dig organic matter into the soil.


    • Thanks Ralph - it did drain away but took over a day to do so. I am planning to put organic matter on the garden and let the worms slowly do their work, which will help break down the clay.

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