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Some Grand Jazz at Karamel Cafe

On Thursday night we went to the End of Season Jam Session of Jazz@Karamel, and enjoyed it hugely. We are not regular jazz-goers, but this was really worth-while, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes jazz and doesn't know the venue, or who has a broad taste in music generally. Members of several bands who've played here recently were present, and the number gradually increased as the evening went on. Some young, some more weathered, but all extremely accomplished, and the shere quality of musicianship was very high. It was a treat to hear the way they all paid close attention to each other and supported each other with great skill. A trumpet duet in the grand finale - with just about everyone on stage or standing around the room and playing - was a highlight for me. The space is just right for the sound of this kind of music. The jazz programme is organised by Stu Butterfield - himself one of the drummers that evening - who obviously knows a lot of excellent players and can persuade them to come along. (Good simple food and drinks can be had throughout the evening too.) These sessions are worth looking out for.

Thursday night finale. Photo: John Suddaby

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