Hi all,
some of you maybe aware that a planning application (HGY/2019/1102) for the upgrade and installation of a new 5G telephone mast on the roof of Alexandra Park Secondary School has recently been refused. You can access the planning application via the Haringey online planning portal at: http://www.planningservices.haringey.gov.uk/portal/servlets/ApplicationSearchServlet?PKID=366918
The application has been refused on the grounds of design, appearance and the impact on local amenities. The applicant has presented a certificate of conformity on radio emissions to meet the health and safety aspects requirement.
On the day of the consultation deadline we were contacted by several concerned parents and have objected to the proposal.  It seems that the the developers had not consulted local residents or school parents. Unfortunately neither us ward councillors have recived the request from the applicant to engage in the pre applicatrion stage that is displayed on the application. 
We would like to hear your view so please get in touch if you have any concerns or comments. It is very likely that the applicant MBNL (EE and H3G) will appeal to the Planning Inspectorate . Since those that have objected will be notified and contacted if you have any concerns we suggest that you comment on the application. 
Similarly, if you know someone living nearby or with children who attend Alexandra Park Secondary School ,or the nearby Rhodes Primary school, we would ask if you can forward this message to them.
Thank You!!

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  • I was unable to comment on the application despite trying several times earlier today. Now I see that the application has been successful. So the deadline for comments was 7th July and yet the decision date was today, 3rd July. I'd really like to know what on earth has been going on.

    • Hi Susie, I have checked with the Planning Department and apparently the consultation end date was an erroneous indication. 

      HGY/2019/1749 was a 28 days notification of works to be carried out under permitted development so the Council has no decision making role and is only checking that the preposed development is within the limits (this I am told these are set out in part 16  of Schedule 2 of Town and Country Planning General Permitted Development Order 2016).

      Hope this helps!


  • Thank you both for posting. It would be helpful if you could provide some guidance as to suggested angles people could take when making comments. A reminder of the sorts of issues planning departments take into consideration would be welcome.

    • Thank you! That's a very good point. TO be taken into account, objections to an application need to be based on  'material' considerations.

      Haringey lists  what is considered 'materia' and some suggestions on how to comment here:


      I think it coudl also be useful to have a look at the Officer Report for past refused masts application to have an idea of what the planning department looks at when taking a decision. I am adding the reasons and couple of links as well below. Hope they are useful!

      This is the reason for refusal for the Dunsford Rd mast: 

      The size, height, amount of and location of the pole relative to the size of the building
      would appear as an incongruous and prominent feature clearly visible in the skyline from
      across Albert Road Recreation Grounds and Muswell Hill Golf Course and detrimental to
      the visual amenity of the area, contrary to Policy SP11 of the Haringey Local Plan 2017,
      Policies DM1, DM3 and DM54 of the Development Management DPD 2017 and Policy 7.4
      and 7.6 of the London Plan 2016.

      Full report in: 


      And this is the reson for the APS mast refusal:

      The proposed development, by reason of its siting, appearance, size, scale and prominent
      location, would be visually intrusive, resulting in an incongruous and visually obtrusive form
      of development, out of keeping with the visual character of the surrounding street scene
      and would have a detrimental impact on the character and appearance of the locality. The
      proposal if allowed would impede pedestrian movement along the footpath in this stretch
      of Durnsford Road. The proposal would therefore be contrary to adopted Policy DM1 of the
      Development Management, Development Plan Document (2017), and Policy SP11 of the
      Haringey Local Plan (2017) and as such prior approval is required and refused.

      Full decision in:





      Comment on Applications | Haringey Council
      How to comment on planning applicationsWhat to include in your commentComment onlineComment in writingWhat happens to my comments
  • Dear All,

    Further to Cllr Alessandra’s post a new planning application has been submitted by MNBL for the the telephone masts on top of Alexandra Park Secondary School... 

    Please see link below. Ref: HGY/2019/1794

    Planning Application

    We would be grateful if you could please review the document and let us know your concerns and comments. You can also submit these in the above link. The information that MNBL have submitted is extremely basic. 

    Any questions, please do let us know. 

    All the best


    Online Planning Applications: Haringey Council
    • Thank you Nick. I've tried to comment on the application but there seems to be a technical hitch as I don't get that option. Frustrating as time is running out.


    • Thank you Nick,.

      All, please be aware that the deadline for commenting on this notification is the 7th of July. The company intends to use the planning permitted development permission. 

    • Alessandra, the decision date is marked as today (3/7/2019) whereas the deadline for comments is 7th July. What is going on??

    • Susie, thank you for point it out. Have just asked for confrimation...

    • And what did they say?


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