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The Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy aims to reduce the number of car journeys, particularly those through residential streets, and to make streets more Healthy and Liveable. Funds are available through the Liveable Neighbourhood Scheme to secure benefits for local communities.

The PGRA has been active in the last year in trying to improve the situation in our area. We have participated in several Community Roadwatch sessions, to assist in enforcement of the 20mph speed limit. We have also attended the regular meetings of the Alexandra Ward Safer Neighbourhood Team and the Haringey Transport Forum.

In Spring 2018 we met with Haringey Traffic Officers to express our concerns about traffic speeds and volumes.

However, this has not resulted in any great progress. It has become clear that a different approach is required to try to gain traction in order to improve our neighbourhood in the area of traffic, speeding and overall ‘Better Streets’ - Better Streets is an ongoing initiative to improve our neighbourhood and mitigate against excessive traffic speed, anti-social driving, road safety and pollution.

As a consequence, a small group of PGRA members have been working to design a questionnaire to gather local support and behavioural data to take to Haringey Council as evidence that ‘change’ is both welcome and necessary. The questionnaire will be administered by residents and is designed to understand the concerns of as many local resident stakeholders as possible: it will not be designed to evaluate preferences for any particular scheme or solution.

In the recent AGM, Alessandra Rossetti, one of our new local Councillors, emphasised the importance of the questionnaire being led by local residents. The more people speak up the more likelihood that we will be listened to

More details to follow.

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  • These are good developments and I look forward to filling out the questionnaire when it is ready.

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