Hi all,

Just be aware of the area by the W3 bus stop on Bedford Road on the station side. It's crows nesting season now and I have been attacked by one this morning on my way to the station. It came at me twice from behind, missed the first time and scratched my head the second time. I put my coats hoodie on and run towards the station, it didn't follow. very shaken and have never experienced or witnessed anything similar. I have done some reading now and apparently they can be quite aggresive when they feel their young are being threatened. I have done nothing else but to walk fast to the station the same as I do every morning. It came out of nowhere and for no reason whatsoever. I have spotken to the Council's environmental department but they were pretty clueless and there is nothing they can do, not even a sign warning about a possible crow's nest. so please spread the word as this is no joke, the bus stop is frequented with parents and kids.  It left me very shaken and I was lucky to expace with just some few scratches. Needless to say I will be too terrified now to go on my morning runs in the park.

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  • Paulina I hope you recovered OK from this experience, and that you've not stopped running in the park as a consequence.

  • How extraordinary - never heard of this before!

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