Alexandra Ward COVID-19 Mutual Aid Volunteers


This group is co-ordinating voluntary support efforts in the local area. Over the past week it has done a huge amount to channel effectively the many offers of help from local residents. Particular thanks go to Clara Potter-Sweet and Cllr Nick da Costa for putting such energy into streamlining the  explosion of activity over the last few days.


If you'd like to volunteer to help, eg with leafletting, delivering shopping or other errands, or talking to people on the phone, you can join the Alexandra Ward volunteers group using the following form:

You will be invited to either set up a WhatsApp support group for your street, or join an existing one.  The experience of the past few days has been that hyper local support groups (at street level) work best. Earlier in the week, some elderly residents received multiple leaflets and offers of help, due to the duplication of efforts from local groups working on the same patch.  This more strategic approach aims to avoid that. In addition, residents needing support are more likely to be familiar with people on their own streets, so this deeply local approach makes sense.

The email address for Alexandra ward group is

Guidelines for safeguarding, hygiene and safe deliveries, GDPR

If you’re handing out leaflets door-to-door, you’ll need  to follow some safe leafleting advice to avoid spreading infection. 


These guidelines come from a variety of charities/professionals who have worked in the voluntary sector for many years, and include links to their websites for further information.


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  • Dear all,

    We had a general briefing about the Council COVID-19 response yesterday and the commitment and drive of officers in coordinating and supporting groups, statutory bodies and vulnerable residents was very clear. Please be patient with non essential services as many are being redeployed to support the crisis.

    If you want to help or need support  please get in touch either with one of the Mutual Aid Group in your street or with the Council directly via the Connected Community Portal. If you are not sure on how to contact either please get in touch with one of your Councillor as each one of us is involved and can direct.

    If you are not volunteering and still want to help the one thing you can do  to help is to stay home. A number of individuals are ignoring government advice and still assembling in large groups across the borough. It is imperative that you do not meet up with friends at this time as you are potentially spreading the virus and this could affect your loved ones. Can you please stay at home during this period and only go out if you need to buy essential goods or medicine. We cannot stress enough the damage that is potentially being done by having social contact in large groups at this time. You are allowed to go out and exercise once a day BUT please stay two metres away from others at all times. These measures will save lives and protect our health services from being overwhelmed so we can all get the help we need.

    Few useful links below:

    Haringey COVID-10 response:

    Connected Community Portal:

    How to find your ward and your Councillors:

    Please keep safe

    Haringey coronavirus (COVID-19) updates | Haringey Council
    Haringey together - Find out how you can help and what to do if you need support [[{"fid":"44754","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default",…
  • In case anyone is living on Harcourt Road, we have our own Coronavirus support for vulnerable neighbours which I am helping to run.

    Its been in place for about ten day . We work of a group email (not Whatsapp) and I have posted leaflets for the small group of neighbours not on the group email. So far it going ok but I am sure we will have challenges.

    If you are living in Harcourt Road and need our help please email me direct on



  • All,

    Latest update on libraries received from Council:


    From 23rd of March only Wood Green Library to stay open.  Library home service and online service still available. 


    Latest volunteers advice available here :

    Haringey Together | Haringey Council
    Haringey’s greatest strength is its people. If our history has shown us anything, it’s that when we work together and look out for each other, we com…
  • All, 


    A few latest info about libraries :

    Libraries are open for the time being (bur staff sickness and government advice may impact this in the future).  Still to be aware :

    All events have been cancelled

    Access to publuc computing also ceased

    Books are being cleaned when they are returned 

    Fines for this period will be waived, but please also remember there's possibility to renew books online or over the phone 

    The maximum book limit will be doubled 

    There is an Haringey app that could also be used :

    Please get in touch if you have any question... 


    Library Catalogue Mobile App | Haringey Council
    A free libraries app for Haringey is now available, giving you instant access to thousands of books, CDs and DVDs from your phone or tablet.
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