3827088755?profile=RESIZE_710xIf you want to cut back on plastic waste, you can now get refills on a range of cleaning products and toiletries at Crescent Supermarket. This is such a welcome development and very much in tune with what many local residents want.

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  • For those who are interested in this, the Harmless store in Hornsey (79 Tottenham Lane) has a wider range and big dispensers. I've been using the fitpit deodorant they source happily for several months. And I suspect it will last well over a year which makes its purchase price of £13 more acceptabla!  Their website is here.

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    • I was convinced that I had put something about Harmless moving to Hornsey some time ago - must have talked about it without doing it! The woman who runs it (forget her name) said that she had really wanted to rent the shop in Crescent Road that used to be Our Cottage, but the landlord denied all knowledge of owning the building! She said that Hornsey is too expensive, so she might be looking again in our area if/when the rent gets put up at her current premises ...


    • I heard about this shop some time ago but I didn't know it had successfully found new premises. Thank you for the update Alex.


  • Good for them! Great initiative. Will check out what they've got ...

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