Hello.Has anyone had issues with the chaps that go door to door purporting to be from an ex-offender charity? I usually find them ok (even when declining their overpriced wares), but our kids' nanny said she felt quite intimidated this evening. Thanks!

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  • Beware!  These are likely Fagin-like gangs masquerading as legit. schemes. I fell pray to one a few moths ago, gave too generously because he had a tale of such woe (and I was too busy to properly check his ID...)  Next time he turned up (too soon - a give away sign) I scrutinised his ID more carefully, he didn't like it, tried menace, got as short shrift and never came back... Do not be intimidated by them. Make sure you check their ID (do not shy away from taking it off them and googling...some may be genuine but out of date...).  If concerned, contact the police. Or your councillors. Genuine schemes will not be sending the youths fresh out of Borstal knocking on the same doors again and again - this would defeat the purpose. 

    • Hi Indijana, my online research also pointed to what you say here. It seemed unlikely that the probation service or whatever the scheme is supposed to be, would send ex-offenders to doorsteps.

      Next time they come I'll say I just want to check out the scheme first.

      As I said earlier, I'm not against people knocking on the door to sell (useful, sensibly priced) goods or services, but I object to any intimidation.
  •  I agree, as a rehabilitation scheme it has many failings.  But they certainly learn how to push the pity-button!

  • Yes, I was charmed out of more money than I wanted to give by their combination of well, charm! and the bare-faced cheek of selling over-priced rubbish.  They made me laugh, but who was the real fool?  Previous experience was of one lad who got aggressive when I refused, politely, to buy anything.  Just say no.

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    • I don't think they're trying to compete with anyone - it's just a very stupid attempt at rehabilitation. There must be something more productive they could do!

  • I've often wondered how useful it is for them. Is it supposed to teach them skills or is it supposed to be a long term career?
    • I imagine it's to get them doing something - you might call it 'skills' - can't be longterm!

  • The lads who come here always seem rather tentative and friendly, and I usually buy something, mostly out of charity - it seems so pathetic having to sell this dreadful stuff for a pittance!

  • I usually find them OK too, though I don't buy their stuff. Must be very hard making any money door-to-door round here when there is such a good local household shop (Dave's on Crescent Road).

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