Durnsford Road Baths

When we moved into this neighbourhood, I looked for a swimming pool, but all the ones nearby seemed to have closed. My AtoZ showed one where Sunshine Garden Centre is now, but when I went there it had changed identity! Gardens rule these days.

It would be lovely to hear other people's memories/stories of what this neighbourhood used to be like.

Here's a film of a Diving Display at Durnsford Road Baths shown in Pathe News in 1939 (thanks to Bowes and Bounds Connected for the link). It's a bit cheesy, but this was on the eve of world war...

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  • We used to go to the pool in the 80s. The children were taken there once when I was at work and the two year old got a very red sun tan!

    • Oops - though not really considered a problem in those days!  Was the swimming pool nice to use?  I guess it wasn't as big as it looks in the newsreel.


  • I really love this bit of film. Amazing also to think that the houses we get a glimpse of in the film were probably no more than 10 years old..

    • Yes, the film was shot nearly 80 years ago! The neighbourhood must have been changing fast during the '30s, with new houses springing up in lots of odd corners.


    • I swam there on the last day it was open - had it to myself and, as possibly the last swimmer, wasn’t charged. It was pretty big, and unheated, so you had to work quite hard. Much missed, Haringey really needs more pools.

    • What a lovely memory!  It was a big loss. I guess the Council couldn't afford to continue running it.

      I noticed that several people responded to ?last year's Wood Green Area Action Plan with requests for a swimming pool.


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