I've not managed to get hold of my reliable electrician, and as the lighting in my kitchen is playing up, I would appreciate suggestions about someone I can call in the New Year. Many thanks, Susie

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  • Thank you Fiona and Janice - I am very grateful for both your suggestions.

  • I have been using Fran for years, she rewired my house at half the price of the other quotes and is great to have around. She is fully qualified, and is on 07944240846.



    • Yes, I can recommend Fran too - we've had several jobs done by her, and as you say, she is a very nice person to deal with. She is Fran Kinsey, email


  • I can recommend Cyrus King 07944 955813.  He was recommended to me years ago and I have recommended him to loads of people since who have all been happy with his work.

    When I last used him he wasn't part P qualified but if the work needs it he just gets somebody in who is to approve his work and provide the certification.

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