Would you like to play a part in running this community website – even in a very small way?  This contribution could be a one-off – like writing a bit of text to fill a current gap – or something ongoing, like moderating one of the discussion categories in the Forum (listed down the left sidebar of the Forum page).  We’re going to have a get-together to decide what needs to be done and who will do the various tasks (if you can’t come to the meeting, but would like to do something - there are some suggestions below - please let me know which you would like to do). Alternatively, just come along and join in the discussion!

Meeting: the local cafes are unfortunately not open late enough for working people to get to, so we suggest the Maid of Muswell – its website does say that you can use the free wifi while drinking coffee, so it’s not unlike a café!  Dates – either Sunday 18th Jan about 4pm, or Monday 19th Jan about 7pm (hopefully these would be quiet times) – please let me know which suits you, if either.  If you have other ideas for a venue/time, please let me know.  Also, could somebody bring a laptop with a good-sized screen so we can have a look at the website (mine is tiddy)?  And a second laptop would be good, too.

Gaps to fill / roles to take:

Texts: Welcome message for new members, ‘How to’ guidelines, ‘About Us’ page, Terms of service

Lists: of local community organisations, local businesses who would like to appear on the Hidden High Street page, possibly local services

Moderating (i.e. checking posts for unsuitable content + contributing helpful/encouraging posts) :  one of the discussion categories in the Forum, Groups, Events (adding any that nobody else has mentioned), Membership (authorising new members)

Weekly roundup

a weekly or bi-weekly round up of activities, events, discussions emailed to all members.

Additional features:

Google Calendar for the Events page

Links to news items on local topics in online newspapers or etc.

Facebook, Twitter

Videos (YouTube)

And last but not least, funding – we need a Treasurer, a bank account, a constitution in order to get a bank account (I have a link with lots of info on this), and – when the website is busy enough – somebody to approach potential advertisers!

Phew – I think that’s it.  Let me know if I’ve missed anything out.

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  • The favoured date for the meeting is Monday 19th January at 7pm at the Maid of Muswell - if you would like to come along and have not been in touch about it, please let me know, so that we can have a rough idea of numbers.

  • I'd be happy to do writing in any respect, since that's my day job - perhaps providing content for homepage, turning supplied info for given sections into readable copy, etc. Regarding special knowledge, health is my area so I could contribute to a section there in various capacities. I could come to either meeting, but imagine the Monday option is likely to provide a quieter environment. And well done Annabel & co for getting it all off the ground!

    • Thanks Tessa - both contributions would be great!

  • Both Bowes and Bounds an Harringayonline produce tweets for each new event/forum post. Might be good to have a twitter account...

  • I'm happy to help with social media if needed. Let me know.
    • That would be great, thanks, Ana.

  • I'm slightly outside your area so I don't think I'd have a role in the ways suggested, but I would recommend that you post a link to the Palmers Green Community website on the home page along with the other local sites listed. It's a really informative site and we're only up the road from you, so well worth a look;

    • Thanks, Julia! yes, I have visited the Palmers Green website, and was impressed by it - it should definitely be included in the list of local sites.

  • Happy to add the odd article etc.. Not sure that I have the time to fill a role (and I am away that weekend until late Monday so can't join you).

  • There also needs to be a weekly or bi-weekly round up of activities, events, discussions emailed to all members.

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