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Can anyone recommend a floor sanding company who will do the sanding themselves?!  We sanded most of our floors ourselves many years ago, but were defeated by the hall, which has very thin and wavy parquet, so would like somebody else to do it - and so finish the job after all these years!

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  • I'd like to recommend Floor Renovations to a friend who has just moved house but the web link isn't working so I can't get its address details. Is this company based in Southgate N14? I need the right contact so if anyone can help I'd appreciate it.

      This is the link now. Same company though.
      Floor Sanding North London; Wood Floor Sanding and polishing London.
      Looking for floor sanding in North London? Floor Renovations have been serving London since 2006. Competitive prices for both domestic & commercial
    • Thanks so much Julia.

  • We've just used the firm that Julia and Annabel recommended below. They did a great job. Highly recommend them.

  • I recommend this local firm;

    I used them myself in the summer, after someone else had made a mess of my bedroom floor resulting in costly delay. They came straight round to quote, offered a good price and juggled their diary to meet my deadline. They were extremely neat, careful, polite and tidy. Last but not least, the floor looked great after they had worked on it.

    • A very belated thank-you for this recommendation - they did a wonderful job on our hall floor, which we thought could not be sanded satisfactorily because the parquet is so thin and wavy (from the floorboards underneath). But it is now transformed! (apart from the patch where somebody removed the parquet blocks - if anyone has any thin 1930s' blocks, or can suggest where I might get some, please let me know). I'm told this is the last time the floor can be sanded, however! 

    • So pleased it worked out for you.
    • That's brilliant, thank you, Julia!

    • A company that I would not recommend for this work is Coraff Carpets. Someone recommended them to me on Streetlife. I got them in to quote, accepted the quote (far higher than the company above, which I found out about later) and they then stopped returning my calls, resulting in more delay. My plea to tradespeople is that if they don't want a particular job for whatever reason, that they immediately make up a polite reason for not being available. That way the customer doesn't waste time and the tradesperson doesn't risk a negative review.

    • Ok, thanks for info.  I agree about tradespeople being clear about whether they can or can't do something.

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