I have some spare seeds - see photo below. Plants grow to around 15-18 inches high, so good for near front of border. Not too late to sow seeds this year to make plants for planting out next year. (Sow between March and June indoors in a cold frame for flowering between May and June the following year.) If you want some seeds to try out, let me know and I will sort out a way of picking up.





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  • Hello, I'd like some, please, especially if you think they would come up this year. Happy to collect from wherever.Best wishes, Roslyn

  • Thanks for this post, Ado, it's given me an idea. I went to Sunshine to buy a packet of seeds recently, and it was not easy! The place was heaving, even 10 mins before it was due to open. I much admire what the staff are doing to maintain physical distancing - though the result is a complex obstacle course.

    SO I was wondering whether it would be feasible to maintain physical distancing while having a seed-and-plant swap - for example, in Albert Road Rec in front of the cafe? I've spoken to several people who have been growing plants for various events, such as the Fete on the Triangle - or even just growing plants for the sake of it - and now don't know what to do with them. And of course there will be others who would just like a few seeds, and don't want to queue up in a line of trolleys for that.

    Perhaps the contributions could be brought within a 2-hour window, supervised via volunteers, and then another 2-hour window could be allocated to people taking seeds/plants?

    btw re-Aquilegia - I didn't know it was called 'Granny's Bonnet' ! What a lovely name. I used to call the flowers by another name - was it 'Harlequin'? Began with H, anyway!


    • Great idea Annabel although I don't have anything to swap personally 

    • I'd love to do a seed/plant swap - what a great idea and I like the suggested venue too.


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