... is now on the Veolia website:

They will stop collecting hessian sacks from 23rd October. The £75 annual subscription needs to be paid when you sign up and lasts until April 2019 (after that it will be for 12 month period).

They mention the option of sharing a bin, getting a smaller bin or biodegradable sacks.

[from Sustainable Haringey]

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  • Thanks for posting this link Annabel. Do you think it's worth setting up a thread (or a new tab, or something) for neighbours looking to share the cost of a bin?

    I've no room for a bin, only fill a sack about 8 times a year, but have no car to transport waste to the recycling centre. If there was someone near me willing to store the bin, I'd happily share the cost.

    • Yes, good idea. Should we have a new Forum category for it? 

    • Ooh, now there's a thought! 

    • New category is up and running, Judi.

  • But what's happened about the petition? Without this at least being referenced and considered I wouldn't have called what they've posted 'full information'.

    • I guess when they find the scheme doesn't work, they'll consider the suggestions that people have made in the two petitions! Probably made the decision to go ahead with it months ago ...

    • But have they actually said they are ignoring the petitions?

    • Oh no.

  • I think I'll have to go for the sack option, as there's no way I can fit another huge wheelie bin outside the house. But I am worried about how actually usable these compostable bags will be. The hessian sacks we use at the moment are easy to fill with leaves, clippings and small twigs as they are robust.

    • Yes, and what do we do with all our prickly rose clippings?! I wonder if their compostable bags will be distinctive - otherwise there might be indiscriminate dumping of compostable bags of garden waste ...

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