Go Ape in the park!

I've just heard that the company Go Ape is soon going to construct one of its high level rope adventure courses near the deer enclosure in the park. Does anyone else know about this? I'm worried about the noise and disruption and its effect on the deer, birds and other wildlife. It seems such a shame that the few people able to pay the £30 or so admission charge should do so at the expense of the peace and tranquility of the many other park users....

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  • Go Ape High Ropes Course Planning Application

    The planning application for a Go Ape High Ropes Course has been submitted. It is proposed to be sited above the "Football Field" between the Western Deer Enclosure and the Boating Lake.
    This is on the Council website planning number HGY/2015/3141 and can be found by following this link.
    Any comments/objections/support should be made by 23rd November 2015 directly to the Haringey Council website link above.
    • Go Ape Planning Permission Approved (link to notice) .  Note:  Point 5. No development shall take place until an Ecological Impact Assessment phase 2 survey work for invertebrates has been conducted and a full and detailed mitigation strategy (in accordance with the findings of the survey work and the ecological appraisal report) has been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority.

    • Hello Stephen, I tried clicking on the link but it didn't work.

    • Sorry, try again - it should work now.

    • The consultation for the Go Ape planning application ends tomorrow 12th January - there are 86 comments on the Council website - see planning no. HGY/2015/3141 .

      I notice the London Wildlife Trust says that the Football Field would probably not support nesting birds with Go Ape situated there - see also comment no. 30 on birds and bats. The Alexandra Palace and Park Conservation Area Advisory Committee (comment 1) say they do not object to it, but if consent is given, would like a review after a year and the option to revoke the licence to the course operator if problems arise.   

    • I'm rather surprised and saddened to see friends of the park supporting the application and even more surprised to read that they do this after consulting their members. I certainly was not consulted...
    • Jennifer sorry that you missed the consultation (I think that you joined in March last year). There was a display in the Park Information Centre during the Summer of 2014 and an email sent out to all members on the 4th July 2014. The results of the consultation were commented on in the Newsletter at the end of July and further updates were given in the November/December 2014 Newsletter and that of January 2015 and November 2015. newsletters

  • Jennifer,

    We were able to inspect the proposed plans and comment on them as members of the Friends of the Park (all emailed to us), so do please heed Stephen's advice and join -  you will be well informed of all things to do with the park.

  • No, probably not now. Among the Committee of the Friends there were different views ranging from "we don't want it here" to "not as proposed and how can we mitigate it." We also did our own consultation and found that most people were in favour of it providing that it wasn't on too big a scale as it would be an extra activity for children in the park.

    The Trust is always looking for extra ways to generate revenue (and reduce the burden on local taxpayers) and we try not be oppose all commercial exploitation. The Football Field will still be available for use by the general public.

  • Thank you Stephen. I have recently joined the Friends of Alexandra Park.
    Oh what a shame! So is there nothing that can be done to stop it now?
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