3447142466?profile=RESIZE_710xMany thanks to everyone who filled in the questionnaire. Pleased to report that nearly 80 people have done so already (as of Friday morning), and there are LOTS of comments. No consensus, mind you – the range of opinions is very wide. In addition, fully a third of the respondents said they would like to be involved in taking this project forward!

More responses are needed, however, for the results to be representative of the full range of views in our neighbourhood, and thus for government bodies to take our consultation seriously. So we need a big push! The survey period will be extended again to Friday 20th September (if it doesn't say this on the questionnaire, don't worry!), and if you have not done so already, do fill it in, and mention it to your neighbours, post it on your street's Facebook page, whatever … It only takes 5 mins, and there is lots of space for comments. Here is the link to the online questionnaire (with further information):

Neighbourhood Street Survey

There are also paper copies in Alexandra Park Library, though it would save work for volunteers if as many questionnaires as possible were filled in online.

We will be leafletting the area to try and reach all households. If you could help with leafletting your road, or part of it (or more!), please email, or reply to this post. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Initially, the study will focus on the relatively self-contained neighbourhood bounded by Alexandra Park, the railway, and Albert Road Recreation Ground. But streets do not end at the edge of neighbourhoods, and others in Alexandra Ward are welcome to take part as well. In addition, we can make the questionnaire available to other neighbourhoods who would like to run their own street survey.

For further information, please reply to this post, or email: or

Thank you!

Alexandra Park Neighbours and Palace Gates Residents' Association

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  • That is a good response. Glad the survey is staying open a bit longer, though.

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