Following the disruption faced by passengers by the introduction of the new timetable in Summer 2018, the Secretary of State for Transport has announced that Govia Thameslink will contribute £15m towards a passenger benefit fund to be used to provide tangible improvements for passengers. As Tier 1 stations most effected by the timetable problems last summer, Alexandra Palace, Bowes Park, Hornsey and Harringay stations will all get £80,000 to spend on passenger benefits. Examples of passenger benefits could include:

  • Fit solar panels to the station
  • Adding a 'living plant wall'/bee garden or other environmental options
  • Improvements to the station toilets. Additional customer seating
  • Additional waiting shelters
  • Canopies over ticket vending machines
  • Additional ticket vending machines
  • Additional cycle parking facilities
  • Increasing cycle security measures at stations
  • Additional customer information screens
  • Defibrillators on stations

The deadline to submit ideas is 31 July.


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  • Submission to GTR Passenger Benefit Fund

    (from Friends of Ally Pally Station)
    Bridge Roof
    A big issue for some time has been flooding. Whenever it rains, water gathers in puddles on the over bridge/footbridge. This is a health hazard and very inconvenient. It seems that the best way to resolve this would be with a simple roof on the bridge and stairs. Bearing in mind that apparently we are due a lift and a broader redevelopment of the bridge in the medium term future, could something at least temporary be installed? We at the Friends were even planning something with corrugated plastic and some poles. It would make an absolutely huge difference, and would also protect the lovely murals and stencils on the bridge (made by local families) from the elements. Perhaps something medium term which could be easily replaced or adapted when the step-free access etc comes in?
    Water outlet/plumbing on Platform 3/4
    The Friends currently carry buckets of water all the way from P1 to water the flowers on Platforms 3 and 4. It would transform things if there could be a water outlet on this platform. Of course you might need another reason to have one, so could it be plugged as a public water fountain? I know TfL are bringing these in. Could Ally Pally pioneer having them on a couple of platforms? Then, if there is plumbing on P 3/4, we could have a tap for us to access as well.  
    Public Toilets
    Of course this requires maintenance, but it would be fantastic to have public toilets, either on Platform 1 (under the bridge) or 3/4.
    Heating/warm shelters
    We have heard from long term local residents that the platform shelters used to have coal fires in winter! Without reintroducing these, could we find a way to keep the shelters warm at winter time? Perhaps a shelter with a door and electric heater on P1, and an electric heater for the shelter with a door on P 3/4?
    Make bridge stairs user-friendly for bikes and buggies (gutter down the side)
    At Hornsey there are gutters on the bridge stairs for bikes/buggies. Could we have something similar?
    Extra indicator boards (there is currently only one on each platform)
    Perhaps it would be useful to have one more indicator board on each platform? Currently there is only one on each, and they are long platforms. 
    Permanent Flower Beds/Benches
    One of the reasons we started the Friends is because in some parts of the country it's fairly normal to have flower beds at stations, but didn't seem to be here. When the station was redeveloped, it seemed somehow that something vital was missing... So we've filled that gap, to an extent. However, perhaps you could help us with this? At Welwyn GC they have designed and installed some fantastic permanent flower beds with built in benches. We love those designs. They would go very well underneath the 'goalpost' signs, especially on Platform 3/4. Could we perhaps explore having a couple of those? We could plant bushes in there which would take minimal maintenance.
    • Great ideas!

    • I'm not sure about the bridge roof. To make something like that sturdy enough to handle high winds in winter might well eat up most of the budget. It would also need to be properly lit as it might not feel all that safe on winter evenings.  I'd basically prefer the £80k to be spent on some of the other suggestions.


    • Yes, I would have thought they could deal with the puddles on the bridge by redoing the surface with a slight camber - so simple, you would think! No need for a roof.


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