Just seen there's a street party taking place on Harcourt Road. Looks great with bouncy castles etc. Anyone know if children (with adults) from neighbouring streets can come along, or is it for Harcourt Road residents only?

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  • I very dimly remember this lengthy exchange about street parties and play streets (in 2015!). Noticed two street parties this weekend, in Harcourt Road again, and in Curzon road N10 - just great!

    • It is lovely. And there's one planned for Outram Road in early September.


    • That sounds lovely - look forward to it.

    • Still Haringey refuse to let the kids living on Crescent Road have a street party, because council officers apparently think people driving through our area should be prioritised over children that live here. Very sad state of affairs and says a lot about the entrenched, old-fashioned views of some Haringey council officers.

    • Street Parties are not permitted on Crescent Rd or Albert rd because they are rat runs. 

    • I remember Frances Basham of Winton Avenue saying that they had a street party partly in order to reclaim it from the rat-runners (and make a statement to the Council). That was about 10 years ago. She gave the PGRA advice about setting up their Fete - both how to negotiate with the Council (this took a long time!) and running play schemes.


    • Yes Richard, and as you know they are rat runs because a clique of deeply out of touch traffic officers permit them to be so. 

    • I recently put in an appeal to the rejection of the play street, and this rejection was upheld. One of the other comments that an officer said to me was 'most people on Crescent Rd won't want it'.

      I'm still on the case, and hopefully will be able to update soon.

    • Thanks for following this up Nick. I'd like to know on what basis they think 'most people on Crescent Rd won't want it', which sounds like pure speculation. It's quite amazing the lengths that are apparently being gone to in order to prevent children from playing out for a couple of hours on a Sunday, which itself seems like a sad reflection of the unwillingness and apparent inability of a clique of traffic officers to imagine streets might be capable of delivering more for a community than just moving traffic.

      I'm quite happy to do some door knocking to collect support for a play street, if I thought it would make any difference, but they'll probably just think up some other reason to object.

    • Thanks for the offer Grant. I’m still waiting on a response, and will let you know. 

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