The information below has been provided by James Aufenast of Winton Avenue:

Following a meeting between Alexandra and Bound Green councillors and traffic officers at Haringey Council, a bid has been submitted for a Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) scheme in Bounds Green.

The bid is a direct response to the proposal for a LTN in neighbouring Bowes Park, submitted by Enfield Council. It is aimed at mitigating the impact of traffic overflow from Bowes Park, and covers the area bounded by the North Circular, Albert Recreation Ground and the Muswell Hill Golf Course Allotments.

The result of the bid will be known by the end of August, and if the bid is awarded the LTN will go live in September and October. This will follow engagement with local residents. A six-month consultation will commence once the LTN is in place.

According to a statement by the Council: “This area of the borough suffers from significant problems of rat running, high levels of congestion and low air quality. Much of the traffic in this area is through traffic from the A406 north circular by passing Bounds Green Road using Winton Avenue and Blake Road.”

The LTN proposals include:

  •  Modal filters at key locations to reduce the ability for non-local through traffic to permeate the area
  • Rationalising two-way traffic flows into one-way streets to reduce traffic and movement in the LTN area
  • Traffic reduction and bus priority to prioritise access for those walking, cycling, and using public transport

The Council added: “A LTN in Bounds Green will provide many benefits but primarily dramatically reduce the amount of motor traffic on streets in the area. This will enable people who live in the area to walk and cycle safely in the area and allow children to travel more safely to school. The impact of the LTN scheme on active travel in the area would be significant. The proposals would enable local people to walk and cycle more and provide more space for social distancing whilst moving around the area.

 “Some journeys by car will be impacted by the proposals. However, all addresses will be accessible by motor vehicle for access of local residents, delivery vehicles and servicing. Local stakeholders will be involved in development of the scheme to ensure benefit realisation and resolution of any local issues in scheme implementation.”

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  • Here is the Bounds Green Residents Association assessment of the Haringey scheme. I don't understand their reasoning - can anyone explain?

    Bounds Green & District Residents' Association
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    Haringey proposed LTN in Bounds Green

    Grey area = Enfield LTN in Bowes park

    Green area = Haringey proposed LTN in Bounds Green

    Red line = borough boundary


    This is Haringey Council's map of their proposed emergency low traffic neighbourhood in Bounds Green. It appears to be essentially the potential LTN described on this site a fortnight ago - very easy to implement, and would certainly stop rat-running in the neighbourhood bounded by Bounds Green and Durnsford roads and Golf course allotments. It might also help reduce rat-running in the Palace Gates neighbourhood (since much of the traffic carries on south through there).

    However, could anyone explain how this is going to help deal with displaced traffic from the new Enfield low traffic neighbourhood in Bowes Park, which the Council say is the reason for the urgent submission of this bid to TfL (or is it DfT...)?  The roads that are going to really suffer from displaced traffic, I would have thought, are to the east of Brownlow road -  in the triangle bounded by the Enfield boundary, Green Lanes, and Bounds Green road.   

    Cllr Alessandra Rossetti has said the Council were concerned about a potential increase in traffic in Durnsford road - but is there any likelihood of this happening? And anyway, the LTN proposed by Haringey would not affect overall traffic volumes in Durnsford road or anywhere else - it just stops through-traffic cutting the corner at Bounds Green station (great for residents of Winton Avenue and around, nevertheless ...). 

    What is a Low Traffic Neighbourhood? A simple local example of a potential LTN in Alexandra Ward
    Winton Avenue, Blake Road and Woodfield Way, in the neighbourhood between Bounds Green station and Albert Road Rec, have had to deal with rat-running…
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