The Council have launched an interactive Commonplace Map for residents and business owners to identify cycle routes and low traffic neighbourhoods (info. on these here) that will assist social distancing in the borough. You can enter your own suggestions, and 'like' as many others as you agree with. You can also email suggestions to The more people respond, the more they will take notice. Deadline 26th June.

In the Council's announcement of their bids to TfL for interim measures on 2nd June, Councillor Hearn notes that

As people return to work, even a 10% increase in car use could cause gridlock across London, and for many, using public transport will be difficult, owing to reduced capacity to ensure social distancing.




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  • We urgently need safe space for cycling and bike storage in all our streets and roads, and this can only be achieved by installing permanent, filtered Low Traffic Neighbourhoods with bus gates in and around Alexandra Park. 
    There is a massive problem with too many cars, through-traffic and rat running in Crescent Road, Crescent Rise and surrounding areas. 
    There is no space on these roads for physically separated cycle lanes.
    Only an LTN with planters and bollards can therefore achieve a safe cycling environment and keep pollution at bay in these roads. It will enable people to cycle safely from their home to work as well as for shopping and leisure purposes.
    LTNs will create a safe space for cyclists and pedestrians and storage areas for their bikes including e-bikes and cargo bikes.
    As mandated by the Traffic Management Act, this work to increase road space substantially for 'active travel' cyclists and pedestrians  on all roads should be carried out by the Council 'within weeks'. 
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