Haringey is being threatened with a claim by an insurance company which is trying to avoid paying for underpinning costs on a house that adjoins Queen's Wood.

As a result it may fell a number of ancient oaks in Queen's Wood Nature Reserve (which have been there a lot longer than any housing!)

English oaks are richer in biodiversity than any other tree.

Please consider signing and passing on the attached petition.

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  • Update from Glenys Law, who organised the petitions to Haringey and the second petition to AXA.

    AXA have agreed to a further survey to find another way to protect the property in question.

    This is entirely due to local pressure.

    If anyone wants to take a further step, why not write to The Woodland Trust - AXA is a major corporate partner committed to plant extensive woodland - and express your opinion.

    Email address is: partners@woodlandtrust.org.uk

    Mark it for the attn of Chelsea in the Corporate Partnerships Team.



  • I didn't know anything about this. Thanks for posting and I've signed.

    • Susie

      There's a new message from the lady who started the original petition (now 7,200 signatures}. Haringey has taken note of the strength of feeling about this and has allowed time for a legal challenge. In the meantime she has started w new petition, this time to AXA, the insurance company concerned, calling on it to live up to its own environmental credentials (ie significant Woodland Trust supporter etc) by calling a halt on the destruction of these valuable oaks. As she says, there's little point in funding the planting of 000s of trees with one face when your cutting mature trees down with the other.

      Here's her message and a link to the new petition.

      21 JUL 2020 — 

      Hi all, I just wanted to reach out to let you know we’ve just passed 6,487 signatures on our petition! The strength of your feelings have made Haringey listen and they have given us a two-week reprieve so that we can mount a legal challenge. But really they are just pawns in the game. It is insurance giant AXA who are calling all the shots. So please could you sign and share  our new petition now:


    • And here's the environmental greenwash from the AXA website. They claim to be, or to aspire to be:

      '...world leaders on biodiversity …we actively, and passionately, protect the world we share, in every way we can. We do this by reducing the environmental impact of our business”


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