Glad to hear that the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) - which provides waste treatment services for Haringey (as well as six other north London boroughs) - has not been shipping our plastic recycling to China!. They have told the local Friends of the Earth group:

"NLWA currently use two ‘materials recycling facilities’ (MRFs) – one managed by Biffa at Edmonton and one managed by Bywaters at Bow. Because the NLWA MRFs send almost all their plastics to UK reprocessors, the Chinese restrictions are not expected to affect NLWA’s plastic recycling.”

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  • That's a relief to know, thank you. I am determined to cut down on the amount of plastic I buy - refillable water bottles and using my own cups for take away coffees etc.

    • I was pleased to find in a camping shop a reusable cup that concertinas flat, so you can easily carry it around. I find it particularly useful when I ask for a glass of water in a cafe, to have with my coffee, and so often it comes in a throw-away plastic cup! If the coffee is in a china cup, why can't the water be in a glass made of glass?!

    • I am very gad to hear that Haringey will continue to recycle. Does anybody know what happens with organic/compost waste in the borough? 

    • I went on one of the EcoPark(!) visits some time ago, where amongst other things they showed us the compost being made from garden and food waste. After being chopped up, it has hot air blown through it  (bringing the temperature up to 60deg, which kills bacteria etc) for 6 weeks, after which - voila! - you have compost.

      People complain that it smells very strong and peculiar, though it's ok for mulch. It's available for free at some sites in the borough (including some allotment sites, but not our local Golf Course allotments, which refuses to take it). It used to be available twice a year in one of the car parks in Alexandra Park, but they have so many events now that it seems they need all the car parks for parking! I imagine the parks use the compost for mulch - but don't know what else they do with it.


    • Many thanks for this. It is very reassuring even if it doesn't smell so good!

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