Hello All

My name is Shax and I'm part of a small group who would like to start an initiative called "school unions" in local Secondary Schools. This would be a union which represents people who have a genuine interest in a school - students, parents, people in the local community etc. of a school.

The way this would operate is that: Students, Parents / Guardians etc. would come to the Union with issues relating to their place of education, then the union would try and achieve changes relevant to what issues people have raised.

The way in which this differs to governing bodies is that the Union would offer surgeries for all students, parents etc. to relay their issues, as well as various other services to ensure that schools are genuinely acting in the interests of everyone, and to ensure that students, parents / guardians have real representation in Secondary schools.

I'm intending to launch this initiative in the Bounds Green / Muswell Hill area, and a couple of the local Councillors are interested. I'm now trying to reach out to local residents who have an interest in schools (particularly parents and carers).

If this is of interest to anyone, please get in contact by dropping me an email on or feel free to send me a direct message here (but email is easiest)

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  • Hi Shax,

    Let me know if I can help any further.

    Look forward to seeing the group develop.



  • Could you give some examples of the sorts of issues the school union is designed to help resolve?

    • Hi Susie

      Examples of the sort of issues the school union would help with include:

      1) Unfair exclusions: Pupils are sometimes excluded unfairly, and when the Parents / Carers dispute this, there is very often no one to represent them against the school. The School Union would help Parents / Carers in situations such as this.

      2) Campaigns within the School: Many schools have some rules which Parents, Carers, Pupils etc. disagree with. Very often schools have "school councils", but the reality is that most of the time, the campaigns which pupils lead on are unsuccessful. The School Union would assist with campaigns.

      3) Surgeries: We also intend to offer Surgeries (similar model to Councillor Surgeries) for Students and Parents / Carers to relay any concerns they have with the school.

      4) Meet Ups: Sometimes it is helpful for Parents / Carers to link up so they know other Parents / Carers at the school. The School Union would provide a space for Parents / Carers to meet others if they wish to.
    • Thanks Shax, this is really helpful.

  • Hi Shax,

    I think this is a great initiative - good luck with it !

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