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Hi. I'm Ben - part of the Healthy Streets Alexandra group. We're looking for interested residents to join our group, which is working to make the streets around Alexandra Palace safer, healthier and generally nicer places to be. There's more information on our sign up form which is here:



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  • I would like to offer my support to Emma and all the  residents of Durnsford Road whose lives have been so negatively affected by the imposition of LTNs in neighbouring roads. As Emma says, the gain for a small number of roads has been a massive loss in quality of life for  people on  the boundary roads of which Durnsford is one. Emma points out that people are actually getting on buses to avoid breathing in the air as they walk - so much for active travel. And then the three bus routes running along Durnsford Road are massively delayed  in the stationary idling traffic. I have counted as many as 10 in the queuing traffic between Wroxham Gardens and the tube station. So much for encouraging the use of public transport.

  • This is a great idea, Ben.  I definitely feel that the streets around us are not as healthy since all the LTN's were introduced.  Pollution has increased so much, so many more people struggling with asthma and it shocks me that people are now getting the bus as they are struggling with the idling cars on the main road affecting their breathing.  I live on Durnsford Road and now clean my windows twice as often just to be able to see out of them.  How can the LTN's be a positive thing for the whole neighbourhood.  Why is that such a small number of roads have seen positive impact and now people have to drive further to get to their houses - depending on which end of a road they might live!    This will only get worse once the Crescent Road LTN is introduced.  Such a shame that it's all about the councils raising income rather than it having a positive impact on our neighbourhood and the environment we are living in.

    • Research by Imperial College suggests that LTNs do not increase pollution or congestion.
      It's worth restating that motor vehicles cause pollution and congestion - not LTNs. Reducing the use of motor vehicles reduces pollution and rat running. There is plenty of evidence that shows LTNs reduce motor vehicle use. 

      Low-traffic neighbourhoods reduce pollution in surrounding streets | Imperial News | Imperial Colle…
      Low-traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) reduce traffic and air pollution without displacing the problem to nearby streets, new research has shown.
    • 11085822501?profile=RESIZE_400xRe: the buses - if more people took a bus, there would be less congestion. Having too many cars on our roads creates congestion, air pollution and road danger - particularly for children, who constitute a quarter of the population in this area.


    • Ref. Buses on Dunsford Road, I have mentioned elsewhere the request to officers to look at ways to ease buses queues to Bounds Green Road, as many have told me they get on their cars to the tube because buses are stuck in the traffic along Albert Road/Dunsford Road (so is a catch 22 situation...) . Council officers have confirmed that TfL has agreed to fund design work for a bus priority scheme in the area as part of Haringey's  2023/24 Local Implementation Plan. I have been informed that the Council will  shortly begin work on feasibility and design of the scheme and engagement with residents. Will post more as soon as I have additional information

    • That's great news, thanks, Alessandra.


    • Emma - are you still involved with the Friends of Tambo Rec? You used to post events at the Pavilion cafe on APN, which was really useful. There never seems to be any info. on the Pavilion website itself.

    • I am, we are reigniting the Friends group in the next couple of weeks.  I've had a lot of changes in my personal life and time is more limited for me so need to get more people on board to support the Friends Group.  More to follow!

    • Really glad to hear it's being 'reignited'! FARRG used to do amazing work.

  • What a wonderful idea Ben!
    It would be so lovely if we all took pride in our surroundings. Victoria road especially seems to be so unsightly of late, with constant skips and building materials in the road and even on the pavement. Also,
    It seems such a shame to see our pavements littered with wheelie bins which make it so hard for differently abled people to navigate the foot way and for people with pushchairs to pass. Also in the warmer months these bins often smell so unpleasant. Surely we could all keep them within our property boundaries ( as is the law ) during the week. 

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