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I was wondering if anyone could offer to help look after APN's social media accounts please? Only Facebook and Twitter at the moment.

I'm doing it all by myself but I'm quite busy working to a deadline at the moment and I don't have much time to do it.

Can anyone please help?



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  • I'd be interested in helping too (though my twitter/facebook skills are limited, I'm keen to get better)

    • No need for great skills, Susie. Just posting whatever is on this site plus some retweets and replies if necessary. :)

    • Yes - so of course it helps if we're all adding and updating content in order to generate that (will be myself on events this weekend) as well as just alerting users of other sites to ours. On numbers, I think more is good up to a point, ie don't people posting via social media need to know what others are posting in order to minimise duplication and conflict?

  • Ana, I've been making notes on things to post but been very tied up with work. Freer now though, so let's talk about me taking that forward.

    • That's great Tessa but do you not think it would be better to have more than two people? We all have work commitments and we could have like a rota or something to make it easier. Two people still requires a lot of time and that's something I don't have much of at the moment but still happy to help of course.

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