The Hidden High Street, to my shame since I volunteered to start it, is still without entries. Please help! Any of you members who run a business from home or know someone who does, please send a short message with contact details. Book keeping, cake making, design, tuition... The list goes on. (For example:  John Harper Publishing Ltd is an independent publisher specialising in books on European Union administration and politics. See:  

But, it does not have to be a business already. You may have a hobby (knitting, sewing, card making...?) that you may want to take further and start selling (your tea cozies, bobble hats, cards...?). Just write a message and add a link to your website/facebook/blog...  Many, many thanks for your help!

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  • Hi there,

    I run a small language tuition agency for children from the age of two. The business is based in Finchley(where I live) but lessons normaly take place in your own home.

    You can find mre information on or our facebook page .

    • Hi Eva,

      Your agency has been added to the Hidden High Street page - let me know if you want any changes.

  • The website was started as a community project and we were anxious not to appear commercial; hence, after some debate, "no advertising" approach was adopted - initially - for the "Hidden High Street". It is merely a list of 'hidden' local businesses that we may find useful. However, once this project is more established and its future secure, its features will be up for review for that is how things go.

    Your suggestion is a useful contribution Kaire to the debate we shall have to have at some point. But to remain unbiased and inclusive, we must not just be, but must give an appearance of being totally neutral. And inclusion of images like logos and pictures would make it a tad harder. It would also make it harder to attract advertising which is a good way to fund the site as fundraising can take a great deal of effort. 

    It would be good to hear what people think. So, please post your views.

    • Thanks for raising this. I take your point, Indijana - it is very important to remain neutral. Most businesses have logos, though, so maybe it wouldn't be promoting some at the expense of others to include these? And the Hidden High Street is a sort of special enclave for businesses, separate from the Forum. So I don't think I'd have a problem with including logos (though not other pictures).

    • I personally would have no objection to small logos being added to the Hidden High Street page (and only the Hidden High Street page). As it stands, this page is dense and quite hard to read, so a logo would break it up a bit and make it easier on the eye. I also don't think their inclusion would make it more difficult to secure sponsorship.

  • Hi, I have a suggestion, it would be quite nice if  we could add some photos with the listing text, about the business, work or just a logo. Something visual would make the list Hidden High Street list a bit more attractive. I am with Kaire Dressmaking,  I do made-to-measure and alterations. Website; Pictures would really make a great difference for me.

  • Thanks very much Bob. Will be included. 

  • Hi Indjiana,

    I run Computeraid from a garden office in Windermere Road where I have lived since 1987. Essentially, IT support with a friendly face where I go to my clients and sort out all computer related problems. Mainly work on PC's, but can help with most MAC problems too! Have a look at my website at if you think I'm suitable for inclusion.....many references from Muswell Hill!

    Bob Spencer

    • Bob your business sounds invaluable - thanks so much for posting.Can I ask how far you travel? My parents live in Islington and often have computer-related woes.

  • Here's another to add to the list:

    Tash & Tanya. Beautiful hand screen printed, hand stitched prints & homewares.

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