Hong Kong facemask

A friend with connections in Hong Kong sent me this link to a website for making diy face masks.  She tells me that there are English subtitles if your settings are right, you can guess from that that mine arn't.She also recommends the man size for people in this country and for men with beards to trim them. When I can work out what to make the lining from I will have a go at making one.



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  • I've been making these ones: https://makermask.org/masks/surge/

    The design is from a biomedical engineer w/ lots of experience in researching and making masks. There are simpler and more complex designs depending on skill level and you might already have the right materials at home! 

    The four ties mean they fit pretty well too, as you can tailor it to each face shape. 

    MakerMask:Surge – Download Sewing Guide MakerMask:Surge Instructions Required Materials: Sewing machine Freshly washed NWPP bags Bias tape or other t…
    • Clara,

      Do you know where to get NWPP if you don't have old re-usable shopping bags made of it (mine are all cotton)?

      Also, I assume that it is not rough against the skin?


    • Hi Annabel,

      I think you can buy some from eBay/online fabric shops, but I have a load of bags here! Could always drop a few round to yours? I'm in Crescent Road.

      Yeah, they're okay to wear actually. A bit sweaty but not rough! 

    • Great, thanks Clara!


    • Many thanks for this, Clara, it is clearly a very well-researched project! Pipe cleaners are an excellent idea, and good points about not using elastic, too.

      Thanks for the very detailed and useful guide.


  • Cathy have you made any yet? I'd love to know.


    • I've just made one, and it seems to me too loose under the chin. I don't think I've done something wrong. So I'm now investigating a French standard mask - the equivalent of BSI in the UK. 

    • Annabel, get the design right and you could set up a cottage industry. I'd be a customer!


    • 4462636755?profile=RESIZE_400xOk, I've adapted the French design a bit and it seems to work well. It's easy to do. Has anyone else got reusable masks that they have made? Any pics?

      I'll put info. on how to make this one on APN soonish.

    • Here's some info. on where to get materials such as elastic for making facemasks


      Elastic and other materials for Face Masks
      Are you having problems finding materials for face masks (not medical-grade)? Empress Mills in Lancashire is an online haberdasher which can supply e…
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