Industrial whistling noise

Hi there,

Having lived in Truro Road for the past six years I am familiar with the sounds coming from our local train stations. However in the past 3-4 months a new, invasive noise has started and I don't know where it is coming from.  It is loud in our garden and the back rooms of the house (which face in the direction of Alexandra Palace).

It is a high pitched whistle on one continuous note, and happens intermittently day and night for very long periods of time. Sometimes the note drops down to a lower one before going up again.

At first I thought it was from local building works but it has been going on for so long now I am concerned it is a permanent fixture.  Please can anyone advise where it is coming from and what to do about it, as it is problematic for us.  

Best wishes


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  • I am in touch with the landlord but resolving the problem is not proving as straightforward or as fast as hoped.  Thank you for getting in touch.

  • I've been hearing this too all the way from Thorold Road. It only lasts for a second or two but I guess I am just hearing some of the noise from all this way. It has been going on for a while now so I am wondering why something hasn't been done yet. That boiler sounds like a danger to me! 

  • After another walk round the streets I have finally tracked down the problem - a faulty boiler at a house nearby. The noise is so loud it can be heard in the next street, I really feel for the tenants who have been living with this problem for so many months and will be helping them get it resolved. 

    Thank you for taking an interest!

    • Wow that boiler sounds really alarming!! Really good to pursue the issue.


    • I'm glad you're helping the tenants as such a noisy boiler doesn't exactly sound safe! Good you've finally identified the problem after so long...

  • It's not a particularly high noise so is within singing range. A smooth sound a bit like the noise televisions used to make when the broadcasting ended.

    It probably is the depot but I wonder what could have changed in the past few months to how it was previously i.e. lots of general depot noises but nothing continous like this.

  • I don't yet know what it could be -- could I ask how high the pitch is? Is it, for instance, in singing range? Or like a very high flute? Or something even higher than that? And what is the tone quality, e.g. smooth, or abrasive? I've spoken to my husband and he wonders if it could possibly come from the Bounds Green train depot.

  • Thank you for posting, Vicky. The noise sounds wearing and I hope someone might know what the source of it is.

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