I was given some spring bulbs for Christmas and on the packets it said they could be planted in or before December.  I didn't plant them because it was cold and wet and I didn't fancy sticking my nose outdoors except for essentials. 

Since then it's got much colder and frosty.  Should I still plant them outside, or plant them indoors?

Or is it, in any case, too late to plant them?

The bulbs are snowdrops, bluebells, tulips and erigeron

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  • Thanks for the advice from Indijana and Susie.  I shall get out there and start digging

  • Wendy, feel the bulbs between your thumb and index finger. If they seem healthy (ie firm and fleshy), try planting them, but a little deeper than you would otherwise. They may flower late or they may just sprout foliage this year, but flower next year. You've nothing to lose. Good luck.

  • I'm no gardener but perhaps you should just get them in (outside)  as quickly as you can and see what happens. All I know about tulips is that they do need a blast of frost to get them going in the spring. Good luck!

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