Looking for a dentist specialising in root canal work

I am looking for recommendations for a dentist specialising in root canal work (they are sometimes called endodontists).

I gather this costs £700, so it is better not to pick one at random.

Specialists have higher success rates than general dentists according to research described here:

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  • Dr Philip Mitchell, Southgate Dental Care on 020 8882 8899 was recommended by a private clinic when I needed root canal treatment. He managed to save my tooth.
  • Hi Chris

    My daughter got referred to Southgate Dental Practice - we went for a consultation (£80) with one of the endodontists who was lovely and very professional and in fact didn't pursue the treatment and the tooth has got better by itself. Otherwise it would have cost £680 - I would recommend them.
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    Southgate Dental Care provides the highest quality dental procedures including implants, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics and paediatric denti…
  • Philip Mitchell  Southgate.

    Dentist North London - Endodontics Treatments at Southgate, North London
    Dentist Southgate - Cosmetic dentistry Southgate, North London offers referrals for endodontics Treatments, root canal and endodontic surgeries.
  • No suggestions Chris but I'm sure others will have a few. Good luck with this!

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