Milkmen - highly recommended

I thought it was about time I gave our wonderful milkmen a shout out. I've been using Steve of Palace Dairies for years and really appreciate getting my milk in glass bottles. Steve and Tony deliver three times per week early in the morning, and can also supply organic milk, fruit juice and bread. They are totally reliable and you can contact Steve on 07947 586115.

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  • Yep. They're fantastic.
  • I had no idea there were still milkmen working in the area. What is the price of a bottle of full fat milk? Jill.

    • 75p for normal milk (full fat, skimmed or semi-skimmed)

      85p for organic.

    • To be honest I can’t remember. But do send Steve a text and he will tell you right away. It is more expensive than the supermarket but so worth it.
  • I think it's lovely to recommend local tradespeople, but in the interest of balance I'd like to share this piece about the dairy industry for anyone who would like to know more about why it's starting to struggle.

    Dairy is scary. The public are waking up to the darkest part of farming | Chas Newkey-Burden
    The photo of calves in cramped pens will shock many, and with so many non-dairy alternatives now, consumers have a choice
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